Christ almighty! Is it really this long since I’ve had peace to write my ramblings? This should really be a long one but, no time.

Cambusnethan Club was funny. It was a do for Nicola leaving her work. The reason we were there (me, Nicky, Franny and Rick) is because Nicola, when full of coke, decided it would be cool if she invited all us loonies as well.

Oh aye… Kevin never turned up. Anyway, the night started with the usual domestic between Franny and Kirsty. Kirsty, by the way, wasn’t there. The domestic was conducted, as is the practice, over my phone. The night ended with me buying a round and leaving the drinks at the table and going to the bog. When I came back the pints were up in the air and our Rick was not a happy bunny. Apparently Nicky had fell and couped the table, thus rendering Rick drenched and my round fucked.