February 2005

Ah last night I was a wee bit foo. I sat with my cousin Gerry and talked nonsense. As per for me. Me ma’s no well. She’s got a wee cold and she’s got a wee cold and she’s been in bed all evening and night. Hope she’s well today.

2:45 am – Ha I’ve just heard some guys chanting “the I, the I, the IRA. This is good news to me. I usually assumed it was just us daft wee west coast of Scotland wannabee Irish Republicans that done that shite. This gives me a new mandate. The bhoy’s are back in town!!

We went to mass today. Now here’s at thing . The chapel was full. A complete sell out. Why is this so? It’s a protestant town and has other chapels. Chapels in Scotland are never full unless it’s Christmas, Easter or some cunt’s got dead or married.

I’ll tell you why. It’s because in Britain, religious liberties are taken for granted. When a faith or religion is attacked or persecuted then it grows in strength. History has taught us this time and time again, if we care to learn.

Hitler tried to exterminate the Jews. Now look at them. Israel is doing the same thing to the Palestinians. The worm always turns and when you back an animal into a corner and poke it with a stick, don’t be surprised when you lose a limb.

In the six counties, Catholics have been attacked for centuries. That’s why they cherish their Faith so much.

Some people have been saying my spelling and grammar leaves allot to be desired. Well it’s hardly surprising since I ain’t gonna pay to download a spell-checker. So fuck em!

I was going to go down to the Showgrounds and watch Ballymena Utd playing but they’re playing Portadown. Who would I support? A choice between two sets of Orange bastards. I think not!

I see the IRA’s said that it’s expelled 3 Volunteers Worth regard to the McCartney murder. One of them has gave a statement to a lawyer regarding his involvement in the incident. The other two have been told to stick themselves in basically.

The SDLP and unionists, predictably, have said that this is a “cynical deal.” A bit like the pot calling the kettle black, considering the antics of the SDLP and unionists over this case.

The single greatest impediment to Irish unity right now is Irish foreign affairs minister Dermot Ahern.

Only the winners or those sponsered by them write the history of the time. That history decrees that only the winners have a story worth telling:-

I hope an pray it’ll be us coppies’ll be tellin’ the stories!

The name of the priest from Magherahoney is Fr Noel Fitzpatrick. (Shot by army in Belfast whilst administering last rites to some poor soul)

There seems to be a bit of a kick up about the alleged “criminality” of the republican movement. People are forgetting why it is we are where we are now. It’s because the unionists want us to be here. Remember that Stormont was dissolved because some wee janny was caught taking documents from Castlerea torture centre. The Unionists then made up wee stories about a republican “spyring” and the Brits went along with them. Fucken eejits, do they think we’re all stupid over here?

At the same time this nonsense about a “spyring” was being peddled, Mo Mowlam admitted that she authorised the bugging of Sinn Fein Members’ homes and even cars!

Well yesterday we went a visiting. Glad to see the custom hasn’t died off with most of my Aunts and Uncles. We went to see My uncle Jimmy’s grave in the family plot at Loughgiel. Whilst there I had the privilege of visiting the grave of Malachy Carey.
Malachy wa the guy who shared a cell with Bobby Sands during the Hunger Strike in 1981.
It’s very touching to see that the grave is well maintained as are all the graves in Loughiel cemetery. I understand that every year on the anniversary of Malachy’s martyrdom there is a pilgrimage to his graveside where an oration is made.

I also went to Magherhoney to see my aunt Margaret’s grave. A fine example of a God fearing woman if ever there was one. There is also a memorial stone there to a priest who was shot in Belfast by the British army whilst giving someone the last rites. Shamefully, I can’t remember his name but I’ve got photos and will post them when I’ve developed and scanned them. (I ain’t got a Digicam)


Well I’ve only just started this website and I’m hoping that folk will bear with me till I get it going with a slightly more professional presentation. This is more like a prototype for the time being but I welcome feed back from all and sundry to help me on my way.

It actually started by accident when I noticed an anti-Republican website whilst drunkenly surfing the web. I had the misfortune to stumble on the aforesaid nonsense and decided I would even it up a bit with this site. Given that I was pissed when I started to build this website I think I’ve done not bad for someone who’s as thick as two short proddies.

Well I’m of to Ireland on Monday 21st for my uncle Jimmy’s Funeral. It will be my first visit home for nearly 15yrs. I’m told I won’t recognise the place. My family are from Loughiel not far from Ballymena where more of my family are based. They live in the dunclug area of Ballymena and there’s apparently been a number of “incidents” over the last couple of years.

Well I’ll try to update as I go along but I’ll be keeping a Journal at least offline at any rate.