Well I’ve only just started this website and I’m hoping that folk will bear with me till I get it going with a slightly more professional presentation. This is more like a prototype for the time being but I welcome feed back from all and sundry to help me on my way.

It actually started by accident when I noticed an anti-Republican website whilst drunkenly surfing the web. I had the misfortune to stumble on the aforesaid nonsense and decided I would even it up a bit with this site. Given that I was pissed when I started to build this website I think I’ve done not bad for someone who’s as thick as two short proddies.

Well I’m of to Ireland on Monday 21st for my uncle Jimmy’s Funeral. It will be my first visit home for nearly 15yrs. I’m told I won’t recognise the place. My family are from Loughiel not far from Ballymena where more of my family are based. They live in the dunclug area of Ballymena and there’s apparently been a number of “incidents” over the last couple of years.

Well I’ll try to update as I go along but I’ll be keeping a Journal at least offline at any rate.