Well yesterday we went a visiting. Glad to see the custom hasn’t died off with most of my Aunts and Uncles. We went to see My uncle Jimmy’s grave in the family plot at Loughgiel. Whilst there I had the privilege of visiting the grave of Malachy Carey.
Malachy wa the guy who shared a cell with Bobby Sands during the Hunger Strike in 1981.
It’s very touching to see that the grave is well maintained as are all the graves in Loughiel cemetery. I understand that every year on the anniversary of Malachy’s martyrdom there is a pilgrimage to his graveside where an oration is made.

I also went to Magherhoney to see my aunt Margaret’s grave. A fine example of a God fearing woman if ever there was one. There is also a memorial stone there to a priest who was shot in Belfast by the British army whilst giving someone the last rites. Shamefully, I can’t remember his name but I’ve got photos and will post them when I’ve developed and scanned them. (I ain’t got a Digicam)