Only the winners or those sponsered by them write the history of the time. That history decrees that only the winners have a story worth telling:-

I hope an pray it’ll be us coppies’ll be tellin’ the stories!

The name of the priest from Magherahoney is Fr Noel Fitzpatrick. (Shot by army in Belfast whilst administering last rites to some poor soul)

There seems to be a bit of a kick up about the alleged “criminality” of the republican movement. People are forgetting why it is we are where we are now. It’s because the unionists want us to be here. Remember that Stormont was dissolved because some wee janny was caught taking documents from Castlerea torture centre. The Unionists then made up wee stories about a republican “spyring” and the Brits went along with them. Fucken eejits, do they think we’re all stupid over here?

At the same time this nonsense about a “spyring” was being peddled, Mo Mowlam admitted that she authorised the bugging of Sinn Fein Members’ homes and even cars!