Some people have been saying my spelling and grammar leaves allot to be desired. Well it’s hardly surprising since I ain’t gonna pay to download a spell-checker. So fuck em!

I was going to go down to the Showgrounds and watch Ballymena Utd playing but they’re playing Portadown. Who would I support? A choice between two sets of Orange bastards. I think not!

I see the IRA’s said that it’s expelled 3 Volunteers Worth regard to the McCartney murder. One of them has gave a statement to a lawyer regarding his involvement in the incident. The other two have been told to stick themselves in basically.

The SDLP and unionists, predictably, have said that this is a “cynical deal.” A bit like the pot calling the kettle black, considering the antics of the SDLP and unionists over this case.

The single greatest impediment to Irish unity right now is Irish foreign affairs minister Dermot Ahern.