Ah last night I was a wee bit foo. I sat with my cousin Gerry and talked nonsense. As per for me. Me ma’s no well. She’s got a wee cold and she’s got a wee cold and she’s been in bed all evening and night. Hope she’s well today.

2:45 am – Ha I’ve just heard some guys chanting “the I, the I, the IRA. This is good news to me. I usually assumed it was just us daft wee west coast of Scotland wannabee Irish Republicans that done that shite. This gives me a new mandate. The bhoy’s are back in town!!

We went to mass today. Now here’s at thing . The chapel was full. A complete sell out. Why is this so? It’s a protestant town and has other chapels. Chapels in Scotland are never full unless it’s Christmas, Easter or some cunt’s got dead or married.

I’ll tell you why. It’s because in Britain, religious liberties are taken for granted. When a faith or religion is attacked or persecuted then it grows in strength. History has taught us this time and time again, if we care to learn.

Hitler tried to exterminate the Jews. Now look at them. Israel is doing the same thing to the Palestinians. The worm always turns and when you back an animal into a corner and poke it with a stick, don’t be surprised when you lose a limb.

In the six counties, Catholics have been attacked for centuries. That’s why they cherish their Faith so much.