Today marks the 50th anniversary of the shooting dead of 19 Yr old Arthur Leonard by the B Spesh in 1955. He was from Clady Nr Armagh City and was travelling from Keady to the nearby village of Darkley after a night out. He was with three people that night, Peter McKernahan (18), Alice Mallon (15) and her sister Clare Mallon (16). They all escaped.

Clare Mallon suffered Knee injuries. An inquest returned an open verdict. At the inquest an 18 Yr old B Spesh was identified as the individual who fired the shot. This Murder coincided with the mobilisation of the RUC and the B spesh by the unionist Stormont government.

It took another 14 Yrs of this shite before the Nationalist Community bit back.

After Bombay Street they’d had enough and the Provies were born.

ye see. The PIRA is now a monster of protestant unionist making. The “protestant government for protestant people” has brought us here.