I’ve been neglecting this thing again. [embarrassed]

This is ‘cos I’m still dial up. What a f***ing pain in the ar*se this is.

I’m waiting on the broadband man coming but they’re not due till next week. It’s unbelievable the time that’s lost with dial up. I spend most of the time tweaking this Blogshite instead of getting my thoughts down on record. Once I get broadband then hopefully it will improve my on-line experience and I’ll be able to give this stuff a bit more efficient attention.

Anyway.. I was discussing the situation in Scottish politics with peeps about whether or not the SSP is behind the ideal of a “united socialist republic.”

I’ll tell yis somthin’ fir nut’tin’ I personally don’t give a midnight fart for a “socialist republic” ‘cos I think the political make up and identity of Ireland should be decided by the Irish and no one else. It’s as simple as that. When I live in Ireland, then and only then will I have a right to pontificate about people’s political systems in the mother land.

On the other hand I’m a socialist or at least I like to think that I am. It would be pleasing if the Irish could provide a living example of a workable socialist republic, united and free. But here’s the thing. If we have democracy then we have the conduit for change. You can never please all of the people all of the time. So socialism can never be permanently enshrined in any system. As we have seen in the USSR it also can be rebelled against in an undemocratic system.

All we can do is vote for the party that most expresses our views and hope it works.

I think If people are unhappy with the choice thats on offer in an election then they should have the option to actively vote “none of the above.” Simply not voting is counter productive in my view ‘cos anyone that doesn’t vote is, in effect voting for the status quo.

A great parody for those that don’t for “principle” to consider.