April 2005

Well It’s Friday which I suppose is a reason to be happy. Especially as this has been one of the worst weeks in my life and there’s been plenty of those.

First of all on Tuesday (the 19th I think), I go up to my pad in Newerthill to oversee my new gas prepayment meter put in. No problems so far.

I get in the house and sift through the mail and there is a nice threatening letter from Scottish power threatening to disconnect my supply. Nice. I can’t deal with that at the moment ‘cos I’m waiting on the Gas man coming.

The gas man comes and takes one look at my boiler and fucking condemns it. I try pleading, bribery, emotional blackmail and threats but to no avail. He just says “if I go away and leave that the way it is and something happens I’ll be in the jail”. I can’t really argue with that. It’s not the way I would have handled it if I were him but there yi go.

The point is that I no longer have the use of my boiler which means no hot water or heating. My cooker still works but fuck me that’s not good enough. This is all on top of the leccy threat. Those bastards at Scottish power owe me money if anything. Cunts

Anyway, I then go up to my wee mates bit in Wishaw and drown my sorrows with him. He kindly gets me full of coke and all the world seems brighter.

But when I get down the road and see Dilzyghirl I am a little bit worse for wear; And it shows!

I’m all ready to pour my heart out on the rebel rambler when she tells me she’s hid the modem. I think she’s joking and say “aye right whatever” But when I get to my computer I find she’s not kidding after all.

My ensuing tantrum ends up with me smashing one or two items in the house. A mirror and a lamp. Major fall out and a I make a few threats. The worrying thing for me is that she and her pal seem really frightened of me. It doesn’t make me feel big or clever so I hide on the room until yesterday when we sort things out.

Today I sorted things out with the leccy and the landlady’s representative.

I’ll need to do something about my anger management.

Well it seems the pendulum has swung back in favour of Celtic after this weeks results. A victory on sunday will just about seal the championship for another year.

Motherwell too have managed to qualifiy for the top six so many congrats to them.

There was a good piece in today’s Daily Ireland about Gerry Adams’ call for the IRA to embrace the route of politics.

I’ve been having trouble with my DVD player recently and was forced to download software to play my DVD’s. The Microsoft DVD player refused to work saying that my videocard needed updating which is bollocks ‘cos it worked alright untill I started downloading updates from MS. Bastards. After sales service, stick it up their arses.

I got this article in the Daily Ireland. I think?

“Ulster is ours! Ulster will remain ours!” was Ian Paisley’s characteristically inclusive, Christian message to the leader of northern nationalists, Gerry Adams, as he accepted the DUP nomination for North Antrim in the 1912, sorry 2005, Westminster general election.
Paisley is cock-a-hoop – and why wouldn’t’t he be? But is he sensible? Does he have a plan for converting his strength into security, peace, progress and prosperity for his people? Because if he doesn’t – and I don’t believe, don’t see how he has – then his victories over the Ulster Unionists will all have been for nothing.
Paisley overtook the Ulster Unionists in the 2003 Assembly elections, then subsequently recruited two of that party’s leading politicians Arlene Foster and Jeffrey Donaldson to his ranks. It was another coup getting former Ulster Unionist party leader James Molyneaux and the outgoing MP Reverend Martin Smyth to pose with and endorse the DUP candidate in South Belfast, Jimmy Spratt.
No wonder the UUP candidate in that constituency, Michael McGimpsey, accused the DUP of having a scorched earth policy towards the Ulster Unionists by refusing an electoral pact across the North. That pact was designed to potentially maximise unionist representation, undercut Sinn F¿in’s and help consolidate the SDLP’s flagging fortunes – a party that unionists still fondly believe is their best ticket for a return to optimum unionist dominance, the little dears.
That is a reputation the SDLP is finding hard to shake off, especially when its deputy leader, Alasdair McDonnell, and Eddie McGrady, recently indicated their preparedness to go into an executive with the DUP to the exclusion of Sinn F¿in. Furthermore, yesterday’s revelations – which he has not denied – that Eddie McGrady met with a senior Northern Ireland Office official and was ridiculing John Hume’s talks with Sinn F¿in in the 1990s – the talks which preceded the IRA ceasefire – only reinforces the image of the SDLP as being dominated by partitionists or those who favour personal fiefdoms.
Another electoral fillip for the DUP came last Monday from Bobby McCartney of the United Kingdom Unionist Party – I always like to give this colossus whose branches reach from John O’Groats to Land’s End, and from Skegness to Cwm-yr-Eglwys, its grand title. Bobby said that he would not stand in North Down and would give the DUP a clear run to wrest the seat from UUP MP Lady Sylvia Hermon.
Bobby said that he was doing so after the DUP gave him a pledge that it would include in its manifesto the following commitment: “inclusive mandatory coalition government which includes Sinn F¿in under d’Hondt or any other system is out of the question”. He interpreted this provision as meaning that the Belfast Agreement was dead.
Bobby developed this view even further in a BBC Radio Ulster interview on Tuesday morning when asked if he was concerned that the DUP whilst it might not go into a ‘mandatory’ coalition might go into a “voluntary coalition government which includes Sinn F¿in.” He said that Peter Robinson had told him it would be a generation – “Twenty five years!” asked the surprised presenter, Seamus McKee – before Sinn Féin would have been sufficiently decontaminated to sit in government. At the time of writing Robinson has not contradicted that account.
That is confirmation that the DUP had no real intention of going into an executive with Sinn F¿in last December, despite the IRA’s propitious offer to put all of its weapons beyond use and to basically withdraw from the field. The DUP position on sharing power with the majority of nationalists remains, “Never, Never, Never!”
There had been some suggestions that to Ian Paisley’s Ballymena speech before Christmas his mischievous son, Ian Og, had added the phrases, “the IRA must be humiliated” and “the IRA must wear sackcloth and ashes in public”.
There were suggestions that the pragmatists within the DUP – if that is not an oxymoron – were consternated that this upping of the ante, with its calculated demand that IRA decommissioning be filmed was bound for rejection, would scupper a deal, and return us to direct rule in perpetuity. It was also suggested that underneath Peter Robinson, the iceberg, there was a pragmatist waiting to thaw.
Not so. I was always of the opinion that the DUP, while Paisley was alive, would not, and, for historical reasons, could not share power with Sinn F¿in. In relation to Peter, optimists often quote and infer a tendency toward pragmatism on his part simply because he decided to set his principles aside, plead guilty and pay the fifteen thousand punts fine instead of going to jail over his criminal conviction for invading Clontibret back in 1986. Critics are forever reminding readers of that cruel jibe – Peter The Punt – when in fact Peter may have understandably been petrified and terrified of going to jail for his cause, however noble.
The Ulster Unionists’ response to the rise of the DUP has been to also declare its opposition to the d’Hondt principle for nominating ministers on the basis of each party’s strength. The DUP and the UUP would obviously accept some SDLP ministers as a concession to cross-community involvement but this would be totally unacceptable to the nationalist community.
So, that leaves us in deadlock, with little prospect of a resurrection of the executive, and it is ironic that it is the unionists and not an IRA armed campaign that remind the world that the six county state is not a viable political entity and still has to be ruled directly by London after thirty-three years.
Against that background Gerry Adams’ call for the IRA to stand down and for its activists to devote their energies to the political struggle, is all the more remarkable. It is a statement that the armed struggle, the war, is over. It is an indication that despite the deadlock and the ridiculous demands of the DUP Gerry Adams feels that republicans and nationalists are confident about their future and it is a broad-based sentiment that is bound to translate into a solid nationalist turnout in the election.”

What a difference a month makes in Irish politics. I have great hopes for the future in Ireland.
The ball is firmly in the Unionist/loyalist/Brit/Free state court. Sinn Fein has made the first step and I’m sure the Provies will follow. The crown and their lackeys need to show a bit of maturity and keep up their side of the agreement. Unless they want to perpetuate the war.
Ian Paisley like some comical caricature but worryingly folk actually support his vitriolic sectarian hatred.
Let’s hope he lets Jesus into his life.

Well you remember all that stuff I said in Aaarrrggh. Well guess what? I’m back with the missus. Pathetic innit?

Oh well, back to the grind.

The Pope was laid to rest today. I watched it on the Internet. (Wahey I’ve got broadband!!) I slept in so watched RTE’s coverage when I woke up this afternoon. Very impressive occasion.

If I was to sum up Pope John Paul II in one word it would have to be “inspirational”. His message of Peace, compassion and reconciliation , coupled with humility is to my mind the cornerstone of Christianity. I remember him wagging his finger at George “dubya” Bush about the war in Iraq.

I hope the next Pope’s half as good as JP2. May God shine on him.

The Pope died Saturday night at around 9:30 Local time which means about 8:30 our time BST.
There’s mixed emotions about this. People are sad that he’s died and at the same time are relieved. I must say that I’m not wholly sad at his passing on ‘cos I know that he was serene till the end. He has left this earth a better place for having been on it. I’m currently having an argument with some plastic socialists who believe that he’s evil. Even though they apparently don’t believe in evil due to their professed atheism. One of them, “RednBlack” on urban75, called me a “thick mick”. I was not offended
and made no complaint about it to the mods ‘cos I feel it would be petty of me. His point was that he hoped His Holiness suffered slow and painful death. I simply replied that I hoped he “rednblack” didn’t and that I would overlook his racist jibe.
I can’t help wondering though how people would react if I were to call anyone a “jungle bunny” or similar racial taunt.
Basically what these folk are saying is that the Pope is responsible for the spread of aids because of his views on contraception. But the popes message was not just don’t use Johnny bags. It was don’t go around shagging everyone at random ffs. He preached Sexual morality. How that helps spread aids I don’t know.
Another thing they’re pissed of at is insistence on protecting life. All life. Not just those with a voice but all life. From conception. These guys like to think that they’re champions of the oppressed. That they support struggling peoples, the disenfranchised and marginalized. The thing about struggles for freedom is that to succeed they require others to take up their cause. Now people usually don’t know about their plight until someone in their midst speaks up to publicise their cause. I’m thinking of Martin Luther King, Nelson Mandela and Lech Walesa among others. I wonder what the unborn children might say for themselves if they could speak up?

Well I’m sitting here in my own house now after the daughter of Satan and me had another fall out. I could have killed her. I was seriously considering how I was going to play it after I fucked her over the veranda. No not like that, she’d be so fuckin lucky! Anyway I ended up hitting her and I don’t give a fuck. When someone, whoever they are, deliberately pushes you into a situation whereby no other option was feasible, then they fucken deserve it. Having said that I should have walked away and cooled down. But then again that never worked before and I’m quite frankly tired of making excuses for her drunken bullying. Every single time she gets a fucken drink in her. She thinks she start a fight knowing full well that I’ll walk out for about a week and then come back and she can start the whole process of humiliation again.
Well it’s stopped. I’ve said this before that we’ll end up hating each other if we continued and now that’s where I am. That’s where she’ll be too, if I get my way. It would make things easier for me to brush myself down and move on. I’ve wasted too much of my life on this improvidence.

The Pope’s not well at all so my thoughts and prayers are with him now. Looks like we’re all resigned to the fact he’ll be leaving this world soon.