Well I’m sitting here in my own house now after the daughter of Satan and me had another fall out. I could have killed her. I was seriously considering how I was going to play it after I fucked her over the veranda. No not like that, she’d be so fuckin lucky! Anyway I ended up hitting her and I don’t give a fuck. When someone, whoever they are, deliberately pushes you into a situation whereby no other option was feasible, then they fucken deserve it. Having said that I should have walked away and cooled down. But then again that never worked before and I’m quite frankly tired of making excuses for her drunken bullying. Every single time she gets a fucken drink in her. She thinks she start a fight knowing full well that I’ll walk out for about a week and then come back and she can start the whole process of humiliation again.
Well it’s stopped. I’ve said this before that we’ll end up hating each other if we continued and now that’s where I am. That’s where she’ll be too, if I get my way. It would make things easier for me to brush myself down and move on. I’ve wasted too much of my life on this improvidence.

The Pope’s not well at all so my thoughts and prayers are with him now. Looks like we’re all resigned to the fact he’ll be leaving this world soon.