The Pope died Saturday night at around 9:30 Local time which means about 8:30 our time BST.
There’s mixed emotions about this. People are sad that he’s died and at the same time are relieved. I must say that I’m not wholly sad at his passing on ‘cos I know that he was serene till the end. He has left this earth a better place for having been on it. I’m currently having an argument with some plastic socialists who believe that he’s evil. Even though they apparently don’t believe in evil due to their professed atheism. One of them, “RednBlack” on urban75, called me a “thick mick”. I was not offended
and made no complaint about it to the mods ‘cos I feel it would be petty of me. His point was that he hoped His Holiness suffered slow and painful death. I simply replied that I hoped he “rednblack” didn’t and that I would overlook his racist jibe.
I can’t help wondering though how people would react if I were to call anyone a “jungle bunny” or similar racial taunt.
Basically what these folk are saying is that the Pope is responsible for the spread of aids because of his views on contraception. But the popes message was not just don’t use Johnny bags. It was don’t go around shagging everyone at random ffs. He preached Sexual morality. How that helps spread aids I don’t know.
Another thing they’re pissed of at is insistence on protecting life. All life. Not just those with a voice but all life. From conception. These guys like to think that they’re champions of the oppressed. That they support struggling peoples, the disenfranchised and marginalized. The thing about struggles for freedom is that to succeed they require others to take up their cause. Now people usually don’t know about their plight until someone in their midst speaks up to publicise their cause. I’m thinking of Martin Luther King, Nelson Mandela and Lech Walesa among others. I wonder what the unborn children might say for themselves if they could speak up?