May 2005

Well Celtic chucked it big time on Sunday. It’s no surprise to be honest. I think over the piece Rangers probably deserved. The reason I say this is ‘cos going in to the game on Sunday they were a head in Goal difference and If the old rule of 2 points, rather than 3, was in force then Rangers would have been going into the game just needing to win to take the title. They did that so fair play to them.

I’m a bit disappointed in Hibs’ lack of professionalism against Rangers they never even tried in the last 10 mins and were quite happy to lose 1-0. It would have been a different story if Aberdeen had scored 5 goals, then they would have needed the draw.

I’m also disappointed in Celtic seemingly making the assumption that all they had to do was turn up at Fir Park. Motherwell are not a team who like to have people use there stadium for a championship Party. They are the most prolific party poopers in football. They’ve done it to Rangers a number of times when the champagne had to be put on ice for another week. Neither Celtic or Rangers have won the League at Fir Park or on the same day they played Motherwell in my living memory. I believe it’s been attempted a disproportionate amount of times.

So it’s another glum close season then.

Well it looks like the bold ‘well could have a say on where the title goes this season. They play the Paris buns today and Celtic next week.

I’m thinking that the ‘Well will take points from someone but who’s it gonna be?

My educated guess is that the score today will be 2-1 to the ‘Well. I may well be prophesying with my heart rather than mind but I’m thinking that the ‘Well are well overdue a wee win against the Huns.

Don’t get me wrong I am shitting myself over this run in to the title, it’s gonna be a nerve jangler.

I still think that the ‘Well will take points from the Huns today. That’s not to say that the Jambos wont do it to us tomorrow tho so the nerves remain frayed.

In the name of the Father and the Son and the Holy Spirit Amen. I invoke the power of the Holy Spirit for the Hoops.

Right then May 5th. Always a time for reflection for me. Bobby Sands died on hungerstrike 24 years ago this day. It also adds a certain pathos to the elections in the Six Counties.

I’ve said before that I didn’t hold out much hope anything spectacular in these elections because they’re for Westminster and SF’s abstentionist policy towards those elections causes difficulties. I’ve changed my mind tho and I think that Republicans will get out and vote this time. There’s a kind of siege mentality amongst committed Republicans and they have been defending the movement against an unprecedented barrage of pettifogging. Some of it wasn’t petty admittedly, the McCartney murder was as unpalatable for Republicans as it was for any decent human being. The sight of politicians and elements of the media however, gleefully using it as a stick to beat republicans with, was repugnant too.

I think there’s a distinct possibility that the SDLP will almost disappear after these elections, the UUP too had better get they’re seat belts on, for they are in for a bumpy ride.

Hopefully the unionist vote will split and the Nationalist vote will swing even more to SF. One interesting seat will be in Tyrone with that fecking doctor causing a split. The wee cunt got caught out telling fibs about his future plans. He promised the unionists full support if they would back him but at the same time he promised the same to SDLP.

To Scotland now. We don’t really give a lot of thought to elections in Scotland ‘cos they don’t really have a lot of bearing. Scotland’s got it’s own parliament. It leaves with the clear opportunity for a protest vote. e.g I can vote for any number of pro independence parties all of which I have no real problem voting. SSP, SNP and the Greens all have green policies. All have socialist policies and all have self determination policies. I’m spoiled for choice.

Football took another twist last weekend when Celtic’s lead at the top was reduced to 2 points after losing to Hibs at Parkhead. Rangers won at Aberdeen and so it’s down to 2 points with 3 games left. Celtic’s lost 3 out of the last 6 games at home and that is not good. Not by any manner of means.

We never do it the easy way tho. Where would the fun be in that?