Well it looks like the bold ‘well could have a say on where the title goes this season. They play the Paris buns today and Celtic next week.

I’m thinking that the ‘Well will take points from someone but who’s it gonna be?

My educated guess is that the score today will be 2-1 to the ‘Well. I may well be prophesying with my heart rather than mind but I’m thinking that the ‘Well are well overdue a wee win against the Huns.

Don’t get me wrong I am shitting myself over this run in to the title, it’s gonna be a nerve jangler.

I still think that the ‘Well will take points from the Huns today. That’s not to say that the Jambos wont do it to us tomorrow tho so the nerves remain frayed.

In the name of the Father and the Son and the Holy Spirit Amen. I invoke the power of the Holy Spirit for the Hoops.