June 2005

This guy just doesn’t give up. He’s a sad loser on a mission to make a complete twat of himself. So far I’ve not looked in on Urban since yesterday morning but I’m going to have wee look after I post this.

Anyway Fanta starts up a silly IRA thread with a characteristically sarky opening post saying how wonderful the IRA was and how sorry he was for misjudging the RA. Now I’m not taking the bait ‘cos he just makes himself look daft. You see he’s using McCartney murder and the family’s grief to poke fun at Sinn Fein. Complete twat. So I just play along with his “satire” and pretend I’m taking his post literally. Then everyone else has a pop at him which what he wants.

I notice one guy with his first post says something like “Fanta you know fook all blah blah.” Note the use of the word fook. The style of post tells me it’s an ARRSE type fella but he’s abusing Fanta which isn’t right. He doesn’t post again but our friend from ARRSE announces himself with the usual bollocks. He’s obsessed with me. It’s very flattering. Well I suspect that they’ve done a google for ARRSE and it come up with that thread ‘cos I had mentioned ARRSE to “Drivel,” another poster on urban. I don’t think the two guys are the same but I’ll bet my last ginger bottle on them both being ARRSE bandits. The first fella’s missed Fanta’s satire in the opening post and just jumped in baw deep and hurled abuse. When he’s realised he’s been a dick then he’s not posted again.

I may be well wrong about this but there’s something not right about that first guy I’m tellin yas.

Oh Christ it been ages,
Well Wimbledon’s provided me with a wee bit more than eyebrow raising stuff. Andy Murray has shown us all what can be achieved if one puts one’s mind to it.
The wee man fell at the 3rd round and he really could have had it in the bag ‘cos he was 2-0 up in sets. Fatigue was the winner in the end as his youth showed through.
Ironically his youth is not the issue mentally speaking. He seems to be unfazed by the big occasion which is a natural Scottish trait.
Well anyway good luck to him.

More foties…

The tail end of Crossmaglen True Patriot RFB.
And loads of Polis.

Beltane Park Soldiers Song.

Lots of fun was had by all.

Went to the march yesterday in Wishaw. There was an incredible polis presence which was completely unnecessary. Even one polis who is a member of the family said that most of his colleagues agreed with the sentiment.
The ironic thing is that the polis costs are used as an excuse for bigots to demand the march be banned. The polis are there not to keep us in order but the people who want the march stopped. So if I was to promise all sorts of trouble and make credible threats against the loyalist Parades then would the Wishaw Press and Clr Sam Love et el shout for those to be banned. I think not.
It’s also interesting the type of people who were protesting against the march. They were standing at Kennelworth Ave giving Nazi salutes. I have photographic evidence.
Anyway, it was a success and there were four bands which was quite good. Here’s a Video clip but it was taken with my phone and Isn’t up to much and there’s no sound either.Waterloo
Sorry it’s crap I’ll try and improve it.
In this one you can see right at the start a couple of Nazi salutes from the Neanderthals.Nazis
Here’s another one that shows it was a good turnout. It’s taken at the end when they played the Soldiers Song. No sound tho. Sorry.Beltane Park
There were no cameras there this year so I never got to give an interview.
Well here’s the photos. Remember they were taken with the phone so they’ll have to do.

Crossmaglen Patriots Republican Flute Band.
On Waterloo Road Wishaw.

As you can see there were an excessive polis presence there. As far as I am aware there were no arrests on our side.

Well not everywhere, just in my kitchen. The boiler cupboard to be exact.

Dilzyghirl an’ me get up from our pit an’ she goes to the shop for to purchase a couple of black cans for yours truly and I stagger in to the kitchen and hear a strange plop plopping sort of sound. I hunt it down and look in the aforementioned cupboard and there is fuckin’ Niagara fuckin’ falls.

Right, I say to myself, I can kid on I don’t know fuck all about it and wait till she finds it, or I’m going to have to go upstairs and ask the neighbour about it.

Now the the guy upstairs has done zilch to endear himself to me due to his Orangeism. I’ve heard shitty flutes and big bass drums giving it the billy boys on many a morning, noon and fuckin’ night. I’ve also heard friends from across the water giving the same come July.

Anyway I scurry along and just when I’m getting myself together to go up the stairs, Dilzyghirl comes in so I am def going up.

I goes up and he checks things out and says, “Naw everything’s alright pal, it’s naw us”

“Well,” I says, “why don’t you check the boiler cupboard.” I’d noticed he hadn’t from listening.

I then hear him shout something along the lines of, “fucking hell”

It turned out it was some cunt not one, not two and not even three floors up but four floors up.

The wean had apparently left the plug in the sink and left the tap on.

Ach well, all’s well that ends well eh?