Went to the march yesterday in Wishaw. There was an incredible polis presence which was completely unnecessary. Even one polis who is a member of the family said that most of his colleagues agreed with the sentiment.
The ironic thing is that the polis costs are used as an excuse for bigots to demand the march be banned. The polis are there not to keep us in order but the people who want the march stopped. So if I was to promise all sorts of trouble and make credible threats against the loyalist Parades then would the Wishaw Press and Clr Sam Love et el shout for those to be banned. I think not.
It’s also interesting the type of people who were protesting against the march. They were standing at Kennelworth Ave giving Nazi salutes. I have photographic evidence.
Anyway, it was a success and there were four bands which was quite good. Here’s a Video clip but it was taken with my phone and Isn’t up to much and there’s no sound either.Waterloo
Sorry it’s crap I’ll try and improve it.
In this one you can see right at the start a couple of Nazi salutes from the Neanderthals.Nazis
Here’s another one that shows it was a good turnout. It’s taken at the end when they played the Soldiers Song. No sound tho. Sorry.Beltane Park
There were no cameras there this year so I never got to give an interview.
Well here’s the photos. Remember they were taken with the phone so they’ll have to do.

Crossmaglen Patriots Republican Flute Band.
On Waterloo Road Wishaw.

As you can see there were an excessive polis presence there. As far as I am aware there were no arrests on our side.