This guy just doesn’t give up. He’s a sad loser on a mission to make a complete twat of himself. So far I’ve not looked in on Urban since yesterday morning but I’m going to have wee look after I post this.

Anyway Fanta starts up a silly IRA thread with a characteristically sarky opening post saying how wonderful the IRA was and how sorry he was for misjudging the RA. Now I’m not taking the bait ‘cos he just makes himself look daft. You see he’s using McCartney murder and the family’s grief to poke fun at Sinn Fein. Complete twat. So I just play along with his “satire” and pretend I’m taking his post literally. Then everyone else has a pop at him which what he wants.

I notice one guy with his first post says something like “Fanta you know fook all blah blah.” Note the use of the word fook. The style of post tells me it’s an ARRSE type fella but he’s abusing Fanta which isn’t right. He doesn’t post again but our friend from ARRSE announces himself with the usual bollocks. He’s obsessed with me. It’s very flattering. Well I suspect that they’ve done a google for ARRSE and it come up with that thread ‘cos I had mentioned ARRSE to “Drivel,” another poster on urban. I don’t think the two guys are the same but I’ll bet my last ginger bottle on them both being ARRSE bandits. The first fella’s missed Fanta’s satire in the opening post and just jumped in baw deep and hurled abuse. When he’s realised he’s been a dick then he’s not posted again.

I may be well wrong about this but there’s something not right about that first guy I’m tellin yas.