Right so, it’s been a wee while since I’ve posted here.
I’ve been busy.
I’m currently listening to this wee gem from spirit of freedom…Stick yir decomission…
Anyway folks a lot has happened since I was last on… My stalkers given up on me, the “twelfth” has been and gone and I have a new Job!!!
It’s actually a not bad wee jobby at all. I’m a warehouse operative in Sainsbury’s but the money’s not bad. The only thing is that it’s temporary with an agency.
Agencies are one of my pet hates btw. Along with insurance companies. Bastards the lot of them taking advantage of people in a position not of there own making. Cunts!

Well as I say, “armourer” the ARRSE bandit has not been visiting recently so I can only assume he got bored with me.

My website has developed and I think I’m close to where I want it to be. I say that every time though and then start tinkering with it again.
One thing I’ve been troubling over is, should I keep copy and pasting anything that interests me or should I write some original piece for it and just leave it.
I think that for original pieces I’ve got the blog so maybe I should copy and paste something I find profound and leave it like that.
The4 only thing that worries me is what to do about archives. That’s what the news forum basically for but I think I need something a bit more “purpose built.”
Anyway Slan for now ‘cos I need an early night for work tomorrow.
Tiocfiadh ar la