Right so,
Did I mention I’ve got a new motor. I bought it with my first wage back at work. It’s a wee punto and I’m pleasantly surprised with it. I’ll post a wee photo in due course.

I’ve just finished night shift this morning and had to pick up me Ma from the Airport. She was in Chicago with my other siblings Mary and Frank.
Anyway at the airport we get pulled for our tax disc which we had allowed to expire. Not happy but it gets worse.
The fella wants to check there’s nothing “wrong” with the motor like it’s been stolen or something. Takes ages for any reply to come back.
I’ve only got a court case at 10am with about 2 minutes to get to Motherwell in time. From Glasgow airport no less.
Bear in mind I’m not pissed off at the fella. He’s actually apologising for the delay and eventually let’s us go even tho the checks not back yet. A decent fella.
So we’re on the road back and Dilzyghirl takes the wrong road from the M8*. I mean how can one go wrong?!?!
Well I gets back to the ‘Well just in time and £60 lighter, due to the Tax Disc fine, and get to court about three seconds before I’m due up, pleads not guilty and kicked out again. (More about this in a future post)
So here I am just woke up and I’ve got a Stag night/day to go to tomorrow.
Not normally a thing that would concern me too much but the “host” is a polis.
I’m going to get pissed with a load of polis!!!
I’m not sure how I should deal with these cunts. the fella that’s getting married (to Dilzyghirl’s sister) is a good fella. He used to take drugs and stuff.
But if I know polis like they think they know me then there will definitely be one that gets my back up, and me his.
The thing is I don’t want to show the fella up.
I’ll just wait and see how things develop and post the results.