My monitor has broke and it’s the second one I’ve had go on me in as many months. Anyway l mentioned it on Urban that I was looking for a Monitor that someone could donate to me.
Cathal Marcs from Urban came up trumps and I went to meet him and it turns out the he’s a genuinely nice guy.
I get all that feel good way when I meet people like that.
He gave me his monitor, which in my opinion is better than my original, for free.
Top Bloke!!!

Still on Urban Ernestolynch, one of the most entertaining posters ever to appear on the site, has been permanently banned. I had a wee tantrum about it last night and both my threads got binned and all the fudboxes came out willing me to get banned as well.
Fuck them. I’d much rather spend a night chatting with ern than watching those grovelling bastards falling over themselves trying to impress the editor.
Ern will be sorely missed by the better posters on that site. And me too!!!