Aye well I’ve just updated my website and I’m reasonably happy with it as it stands. It’s basically self moderating now that I’ve got news feeds syndicated from both the Beeb and The Scotsman newspaper.

I was at something that doesn’t happen often I can tell you.
I was at legitimisation of my sister in law’s marriage with a polis. I think I’ve spoke about this before.
The thing is they had to get their twins bhoys and one of their ghirls christened before the wedding.
On the same day!!!
It was a big day I can tell you.
As it happened I was terribly tired towards the end of the night and had to go to bed pretty early.
About 1:30 to 2:00am.
But it was a good day and actually quite refreshing as the service was less stiff than it might have been.

At work it looks as if I might be going to get moved from “picking” to “despatch” which might be easier on my hip.
More to come on this.