Why is it people can be so wilfully fucking stupid!!!
Yesterday I went to work to get my wages cheque.
They give me a cover letter to give to the bank so they will cash it for me.
I go into the bank and hands the letter with the cheque over to the seemingly normal person behind the counter.
But she tells me that she can't cash it because I've not signed the letter under Angela's signature. Apparently Angela should have me sign it when she hands the cheque over to me.
I tell this crackpot that I've got my bankcard with me with my signature on it. (she needs to check my signature against the one I sign on the back of the cheque)
Oh no. It's got to be on the letter where it says "specimen signature"??:??:
She was starting to get a little excitable about it an'all.
So I tell her to calm down and I go outside and, not quite believing what I'm doing, go off to put petrol in the car, sign the fucking letter and take it back in.
They cash it no problem.
Does she honestly think I took the letter all the way back to work to sign it in front of Angela and bring it all the way back to Coatbridge. Around 12 miles all round.
The mind boggles.