I never made it ‘cos I was blitzed on Friday night. I never even recovered till yesterday. Oh well, I can console myself with Republican Radio courtesy of the Sean McIlevanná RFB.

Did y’all see that shower of scum at George Square?!?!
We never get that kind of reaction at Wishaw. I suppose the success of the March can be measured by the size of the protest.
If they believe themselves to be in the right then they should be confident enough to let the cards out on the table. You see, these bastards have a hidden agenda, some not so well hidden.
Actually, I think I know one of these fine subjects of the Crown. (left rear in the pic) I shall have to investigate further to make sure but back to the hidden agenda…
It’s quite obvious that not all of these knuckledraggers are committed Loyalists or BNP. There is however, a mixed bag all with their own hidden agenda and not one of them any good. Take Sam Love for example, Mr Love is a Wishaw Councilor and is always at the forefront of any outcry against the Republican March in Wishaw. I have no doubt that the man started out as a socialist or at least that’s what he told himself. But here’s the thing that fucked him… Orangeism and consequently, British Nationalism.

If you have any doubt about his Orange credentials then I’d suggest asking him straight out, “Oi Jim, are you now, or have you ever been in the Orange Lodge?”
The answer, unless he wants found out lying, will be, “yes by Jove, fuck the pope” or something similar. I have it on good authority from several Orange sources that the man was in the lodge. I have no reason to think I’m being lied to.
So take his version of socialism and mix it with his brand of nationalism and what are we left with???
Yes that’s right folks, Nazi’s are alive and kicking on the Labour ticket right here in North Lanarkshire.

My advice? Don’t vote for any unionist party.