I have tried to post on Stormfront today. So far they haven’t let my post through the screening process. I believe they will not let them through because they are sound points challengeing amongst other fact free drivel, America was duped into WWII by jews who controlled the US Government.

On this thread.

I had to remind him/her that it was because Japan bombed pearl harbour. Unless of course the Jews where controlling Japan as well. I also had to remind him that America is not “their” land ‘cos they nicked it from the native americans, the injuns. I pointed out that they all but wiped them out in the process as well. One act of genocide they can’t possibly deny. Or are the injuns controlling everything along with the Jews???

The forum is riddled with adolescent tantrums and fact free loonspud revisionist nonsense. I will not hold my breath waiting on them to allow my posts.