Since Christmas, I've been waiting on the DWP paying me my claim for incapacity benefit. At every possible juncture they have managed to fuck something up.

Firstly, they lost my doctor's sick line. I wasn't to bothered about that because I'm used to it. In fact it's just one of those things I've come to expect. Hence why I photocopy them.

Secondly, six weeks later, they tried to say I had been working up til Christmas and claiming. I hadn't been claiming. I signed off the sick when I started working.

I had some trouble explaining to them the facts of the case. Even I was getting surprised at the tenacity they were showing in trying to not pay me.

Thirdly, after I had them convinced that I had not been claiming any benefits during this time, they decided that I couldn't claim because I had been "disallowed" within the last 6 months. I had to inform them that I had in fact, not been "disallowed." I had signed off to start work.rolleyes.gif

You'd think they would have maybe pulled the finger out their collective arseholes given that they had been guilty of, what can only be described as, incompetence.

Well on Friday there, I phoned them and inquired after my claim. The lady came on and said, "We'll send it out to you. It hasn't been paid because it's down as a clerical payment."
I asked, "Is that the claim allowed now?"
"Yes," she says.

I was informed that I'd get it the next day. Great news I thought.

The next day I get this through my mums door…

If you take a look, you'll see that they have changed my name to Mr Margaret Dillon. mad.gif

I spent 3 hours today down at the broo getting it sorted.

The scary thing about this is that I am not even surprised by this. I have become resigned to this bollox. It's like there's someone who works in the DWP who fucking hates me and is deliberately fucking up my files.

That would be bonkers though. 'Cos that would mean the same person works in North Lanarkshire Council and just about every other Government agency.

No wonder folk get paranoid.Glum.gif