Well it seems I have ruffled some feathers over at Irish Nationalism dot net.

I had linked to them on my links page and given a short explanation to indicate the political leaning of the site. It's a forum BTW.

Well they've got a thread about my humble site where they denounce me for basically lumping them all together as blueshirts. I was accused of laziness for not researching them properly. I have since had a wee dig through their forum and there is no doubt that they are a far right grouping. They are racist. They can't seem to decide who they hate more, jews or muslims. They accuse me of Laziness for branding them all blueshirts and I guess they are right. So I hold my hands up. I should have said they are the modern equivalent of blueshirts. There is some common ground however. We seem to agree on the six counties but not for the same reasons.

Take Sean Sabhat. There is no doubting his patriotism and courage. It is right that he is honoured for his ultimate sacrifice. Just as it is right to honour James Connolly. I would never defile the name of dead martyrs because they are racist. But the truth is that Sean Sabhat was anti-Semitic.

Why do I have such a problem with racism? Well it's because Irish people have been the victims of anti-Irish racism in not just Britain but America too. Irish immigrants were treated the same way these people wish to treat poles, Jews, Muslims and anyone else that doesn't fit their criteria of what they think to be Irish. They are acting just like those in the Orange Order and the BNP.

They openly admit their opposition to socialism in the "what we are about" section. So politically speaking they are poles apart from the working class people of Ireland.

I don't doubt their sincerity. They are patriots and that in itself is not a bad thing. It is very commendable. However, what I do have a problem with is what drives their patriotism – a hatred of foreigners – their reliance on the most base animal instincts.

I should say that I am commenting on the general "feel" of the forum. Not individual posters. I have however seen some of them posting on scumfront and that is were the performing clowns comment came from. I find it very sad. It would be easy for me to ignore their racism but I can't because it's that kind of racism and intolerance that the Irish Community in Scotland has had to put up with at the hands of their Scottish equivalent, the grand Orange lodge of Scotland.

So debating with them is as useless as debating with an orange forum or the ARRSE forum.