I seem to have ruffled more feathers. This time it's my real targets, Follow follow and their loyalist scumbag friends.
A direct hit. It took them long enough to bite right enough, but bite they seem to have done in a big way. I'm still reeling them in but can't yet see what they are saying on their boards as I am still waiting "approval from admin".

More to follow…

Update… There are in breach of just about every rule in the book, including racial and sectarian abuse, incitement to violence. Not to mention copyright laws. Your not allowed to download my pic without my permission, that's what the "© all rights reserved" means.

One of them has the cheek to query whether Blueyonder are aware of the content of my website. Blueyonder have viewed it and approved it, as have the BBC and the Scotsman, as falling within their rules and guidelines. If I had kept the sectarian bile that the follow follow bigots had posted on my Guestbook, then it would have been a different matter.