So we set off in the motor about an hour later than planned because the good woman wanted dropped off at work before I picked anyone up. So I had to double back to pick up two from Muirhouse and one from Pather.

We got there about 15 mins after the scheduled start time.

We asked a polis If we had missed the start but he told us it was due to start in 15 mins. Good news. He kindly directed me to the nearest carpark. (£4:90 it cost for my stay there :eek:)

Anyway we made the start and it was a brilliant day. Great weather, great bands and a good internationalist assortment of solidarity banners. Basques, Palestinians, IWW and our own SSP.

The speaches at the end were good. Jim Slaven was in good form as was Daithi Doolan. Dublin SF councilor.

Daithi told us that now that the IRA had stood down, we and the polititions were now in the frontline. We on the mainland can help deliver a united socialist republic as James Connolly envisaged. We must redouble our efforts and continue the fight on the political front. It is now acheivable through political means.

He, like me supported the IRA during the armed campaign and he, like me supports them now.

A message of solidarity from incarcerated Palastinians from 1981 to the hungerstrikers and their families was read out. I’d like to get the text from that.

It ended with the band from the Creggan playing Amhrán na bhFiann.

You’ll see from the clip that there were alot more than “800” there as the Edinburgh local rags were trying to peddle. 😕