What’s that all about eh? I’ll tell you this much… I immediately took the side of oor Tommy, the leader of oor kind. Like most conclusions jumped to in a rash manner, I was wrong.Tommy Sheridan is a fucking eejit. His antics, post trial, have shown him up to be nothing more than a despicable scab. Why do I use that word in this instance? Because he has aided and abetted both the NOTW and the other mob. He has fed them gossip. Lets face it comrades, that is all that these filthy rags can peddle. Filthy gossip!

He has turned on his own. People that have stood shoulder to shoulder with him in the fight against thatcherism. All this because of his ego. Well I’ve got news for you Tommy. Fidel Castro you are not. It hurts me to say it as I’m sure it does everyone connected with the party but you have dragged the whole socialist movement in Scotland down to the level found south of the border with it’s sectarian nature. It will take a long time to recover from this and to do so it’s a given that you have to be removed.

Funnily enough, I did a wee straw poll and have found that the overwhelming majority of working class people in Scotland think he’s still the messiah. However, when I then debated the thing with them I found that they had not scratched the surface and had a closer look. They are blinded, as I was, by a hatred of all things thatcher including the Murdoch gossip empire. I hope it works it’s self out but the only real solution I can see is Tommy Sheridan leaving to pursue his media career.