September 8
1783 – A second convention of Dungannon – a gathering of Volunteers from Ulster- is held and prepares the way for a National Volunteer convention on parliamentary reform
1798 – Battle of Ballinamuck – last major battle of “The Year of the French”; after a short fight, Humbert surrenders
1812 – John Martin, revolutionary, transportee and politician, is born near Newry, Co. Down
1852 – A conference of the Tenant League in Dublin adopts a policy of independent opposition in Parliament
1908 – Poet, educator and eventual Easter Rising rebel Patrick Pearse opens St. Edna’s school for boys (Scoil Eanna), combining new European theories of education with a focus on the glory of the Gaelic past
1933 – Founding of Fine Gael Party
1998 – A radical Government action plan aiming to cut thousands off the dole is launched
2000 – US President Bill Clinton announces he will visit Ireland in December
2002 – The Kilkenny Cats beat the Co. Clare Banners and collect their 27th All-Ireland hurling title in front of 76,254 fans at Croke Park

September 9
872 – Earliest verifiable date of a Viking invasion of Ireland in Dunrally
1831 – 30,000 punds is allocated to establish “national” system of elementary education in Ireland
1845 – The arrival of the “potato blight” in Ireland is reported in the Dublin Evening Post
1852 – The last day of the Tenant League Conference in Dublin
1893 – House of Lords rejects Second Home Rule Bill
1922 – The newly elected Daíl Éireann meets to frame its constitution and elects William T. Cosgrave President of the Executive Committee
1978 – U2 support The Stranglers at the Top Hat Ballroom in Dublin before a crowd of 2,500 people, their biggest to date. The band is paid 50 pounds
2001 – Protestant residents of Ardoyne defy church leaders and politicians by continuing their protest outside north Belfast’s Holy Cross primary school
2001 – Family, friends and fans pay tribute to actor Joe Lynch during a special commemorative mass at the Catholic Pro-Cathedral in Dublin
2001 – Three suspected IRA members – Niall Connolly, Martin McCauley and James Monaghan – are transferred from La Modelo federal prison to a high security jail in Bogota over fears for their safety
2002 – Bob Geldof delivers a moving speech at the launch of the world’s first genocide centre in Nottinghamshire

September 10
1315 – Battle of Connor. Major victory for Edward Bruce in his invasion of Ulster
1602 – “Red” Hugh O’Donnell dies in Simancas, Spain; evidence suggests he was poisoned by an English spy
1641 – Oliver Cromwell seizes Drogheda
1763 – The Freeman’s Journal is founded in Dublin by Charles Lucas
1831 – Jeremiah O’Donovan Rossa, Fenian, is born in Rosscarbery, Co. Cork
1850 – In Thurles, it is the final day of the first canonical synod of the Irish church, summoned by Paul Cullen
1916 – While serving in the Dublin Fusiliers during World War I, Irish poet Tom Kettle dies in attack on Ginchy
1919 – Dáil Éirean outlawed by the English as a “dangerous association.”
1923 – The Irish Free State is admitted into the League of Nations
1998 – Students queue for food at an emergency soup kitchen and advice centre, set up in a bid to ease the impact of the stress and strain caused by one of the greatest accommodation shortages ever experienced in Dublin
1998 – Gerry Adams and David Trimble finally come face-to-face in an historic move aimed to bring to an end decades of mistrust between the two sides

September 11
1649 – Massacre at Drogheda. Cromwell captures the town and slaughters the garrison
1919 – Dáil Eireann is suppressed as a ‘dangerous association’ by the British government and membership is deemed to be a crime
1922 – Proportional representation for local elections is abolished in Northern Ireland
1998 – British troops are withdrawn from the streets of Belfast in response to the ongoing republican and loyalist cease-fires
1998 – The Northern Ireland Office announces that more than 200 loyalist and republican prisoners will be freed from the Maze Prison before the end of the year
2000 – Gina Adair, the wife of jailed loyalist paramilitary boss Johnny Adair is thrown out of the public gallery after disrupting proceedings at the Northern Ireland Assembly
2001 – President Mary McAleese goes on RTÉ Radio to express her shock and horror at the terrorist attacks in the US. In the wake of the attacks, the government immediately begins reviewing security arrangements
2002 – In a gesture of support and solidarity, schools, shops and businesses come to a symbolic halt at 1.46pm – the precise moment, Irish time, that the first terrorist hijacked plane hit the North Tower of the World Trade Center in NYC one year ago.

September 12
1653 – Ireland and Scotland are represented by six and five members respectively in the ‘Barebones’ parliament which is in effect from 4 July to this date
1798 – Rebels attack Castlebar and are repulsed
1907 – Louis McNeice, poet and classical scholar is born in Belfast
1919 – Dáil Éireann is declared illegal
1951 – Birth of Taoiseach Bertie Ahern
2001 – Irish aid agencies pull out of Afghanistan amid growing fears of a possible US retaliation on the Taliban regime and Osama bin Laden
2001 – Families in Limerick take in American tourists grounded since 9/11 at Shannon Airport after all flights in and out of the US are cancelled.
1494 – Edward Poynings, best known for his introduction of “Poynings Law,” which prevented the Irish Parliament from meeting without royal permission and approval of its agenda, is appointed Lord Deputy of Ireland
1903 – Padraic Pearse arrives in Ros Muc, County Galway and takes up residence at his cottage in Inbhear
1912 – In a speech at Dundee, Winston Churchill announces his support of a policy of devolution for Ireland, Scotland and Wales
1999 – Former US Senator George Mitchell returns to Northern Ireland as he embarks on the second week of his review of the Good Friday Agreement

September 14
1607 – Hugh O’Neill, Ruari O’Donnell and other chiefs of their families depart Lough Swilly for the continent in what has become known as the ‘Flight of the Earls
1647 – Lord Inchiquin, a royalist turned Parliamentarian, sacks the Irish Catholic Confederate garrison at the Rock of Cashel
1752 – The Gregorian calendar is adopted in Ireland and Britain, 170 years after mainland Europe: 2 September is followed by 14 September. There are protests and riots by people who are convinced that they have lost 12 days out of their lives
1852 – Death of Arthur Wellesley, alias the Duke of Wellington. The Dublin born soldier served as MP for Meath before eventually becoming Prime Minister of Britain
1907 – Edel Quinn, promoter of Legion of Mary in Africa, is born near Kanturk, Co. Cork
1955 – Dr. Kathleen Lynn, Irish Citizen Army officer, dies
1971 – Ian Paisley founds the Democratic Unionist Party
1998 – Sinn Fein is warned by First Minister, David Trimble, that it could not take up seats in the new Northern Ireland Assembly’s ruling executive until the IRA’s vast armoury of weapons are decommissioned
1999 – UFF “godfather” Johnny Mad Dog Adair is released from the Maze Prison
1999 – The Pro-Agreement parties resume talks with former US Senator George Mitchell during the second week of his review of the Good Friday Agreement
1999 – Taoiseach, Bertie Ahern begins his official visit to Russia
2000 – Roy Keane, Pauline McLynn and Samantha Mumba are among the stars who are honoured at the Millennium Irish Post Awards held at the Millennium Brittania Hotel in Grosvenor Square
2001 – Following the 9/11 attack on the World Trade Center, as many as 15,000 Irish people are stranded in the US and Canada awaiting flights to Ireland
2001 – The Irish government declares a national day of mourning; schools, businesses and shops are shut down in an unprecedented gesture of sympathy following Tuesday’s attack on the World Trade Center.