I have found some broken links and I have found that putfile is absolute shite for hosting anything. I’m going to remove every link to any putfile medium and replace it with other more trustworthy hosting services such as photobucket and flickr. I might give youtube a go though I mainly want to post audio files up. The problem is that I need to be able to trust the hosting environment to remain stable whilst I entertain more pressing matters. So far, Photobucket and flickr have done this but they don’t specialise in audio files.

As for the broken links I am removing them. I am also going to add a few, both in the c’moan the hoops page and the links pages itself.

Recently someone sent me a link to a forum and I dismissed it in my drunken petulance thinking it another SF bashing forum. Even if it is another SF bashing forum I s’pose they deserve a link as much as any of the others such as irish nationalism.net. I will search it out in my e~mail and reply accordingly.

I think I have been unduly rude in my description of some of the places I have linked to and have also been dishing out undue praise. However, I will be putting a reminder in to people on my links page that the dynamics of forums and even websites can change from time to time. So my brief intro to the links may very well be out of date or indeed wrong due to the lack of thorough investigation of the link. It should however give a general idea as to the political leaning of the site or forum. If it fails in that duty then it is up to those who feel that way to inform me as to why. I have been known to alter my description of some sites after being better informed.

Obviously and ultimately it is up to the surfers to decide for themselves the truth of the matter. They can see from there own eyes and so my opinion really counts for nothing in the end. Hopefully I have helped them to find a source they may have been searching for and really that is what the links are all about in the end. I believe my links page provides a pretty decent service in that regard.