October 1
1751 – Cornelius Bolton, politician, Volunteer and improving landlord is born
1761 – In the climate of sectarian tension created partly by the Mathew-Maude controversy, the Whiteboys, a violent agrarian protest movement, begins in Tipperary and spreads through Munster and West Leinster
1911 – Statue of Charles Stewart Parnell is unveiled in Dublin
1979 – RTÉ broadcasts Pope John Paul II’s visit to Ireland
2001 – Journalists from all over Ireland gather to pay tribute to colleague Martin O’Hagan who was gunned down last week. More than 1,500 people attend his funeral in his hometown of Lurgan, County Armagh

October 2
1600 – O’Neill engages Mountjoy’s forces in the Battle of Moyry Pass
1833 – Birth of Father William Corby who became Chaplain of the Irish Brigade in Detroit, Michigan
1852 – William O’Brien, writer and nationalist, is born in Mallow, Co. Cork
1879 – Kate Coll arrives in New York from Ireland on board the SS Nevada. She later marries Juan Vivion de Valera, and gives birth to Éamon on October 14, 1882 in New York
1900 – Hubert Butler, writer and local historian, is born near Bennettsbridge, Co. Kilkenny
1942 – The British cruiser Curaçao sinks off Donegal after colliding with the Queen Mary; 338 lives are lost

October 3
1691– Treaty of Limerick is signed by Ginkel and Sarsfield, ending the Williamite War in Ireland; the treaty allows evacuation of the Irish army to France and promises tolerance of Irish Catholics
1750 – James McLaine, gentleman highwayman born in Monaghan, is hanged at Tyburn
1871 – Gen. John O’Neill and a small force of Fenians invade Canada at Pembina, Manitoba
1961 – Ireland applies for membership of the European Economic Community on 1 August and joins UNESCO on this date
1966 – Birth of Niall Quinn, footballer
1971 – Death of Seán Ó Riada, founder, composer, and arranger for the Chieftains. He composed Mná na hÉireann (Women of Ireland). Guided by his vision, traditional music changed radically, and became accessible to a modern Irish audience, and through this traditional music, the cultural life of Ireland was invigorated. (taken from the book “Bringing It All Back Home” by Nuala O Connor)
1975 – Dr Tiede Herrema, chief executive of the Dutch-owned Ferenka factory in Ballyvarra, County Limerick, is kidnapped by the IRA
1981 – In the Maze Prison, Northern Ireland, ten IRA and INLA hunger-strikers die between 5 May and 12 August; the hunger strike is called off on this date
2002 – Sinn Féin’s Martin McGuinness condemns a weekend gun attack on a bus driver in his home city of Derry which police believe was the work of the IRA.
October 4
1582 – Pope Gregory reforms the calendar introduced by Julius Caesar in 45BCE: 4 October is followed by 15 October. However, the reform will not be implemented in Ireland till 1752
1693 – Irish Brigade of France fights in the battle of Marsaglia
1733 – Henry Boyle, the future Earl of Shannon, is unanimously elected Speaker of the Irish parliament. He will serve till 1756 – the longest-serving Speaker of the 1692-1800 parliaments
1842 – Birth of heavyweight bare-knuckle boxer Jim Dunne in Co. Kildare.
Dunne won the American heavyweight title from fellow Irishman Jim Elliot – the pair were jailed after the illegal event
1961 – General election is held in the Republic. Fianna Fáil gains 70 of the 144 seats
2001 – Cork will be Europe’s Culture Capital in 2005 after landing the prestigious title ahead of Galway
2002 – Thousands of people from all over the country march in protest over redundancy payments
2002 – The North’s police service launch dawn raids on Sinn Féin’s offices at the Northern Ireland parliament at Stormont

October 5
1731 – Parliament meets at the new parliament house in College Green for the first time
1878 – New York Gaelic Society is formed
1923 – Birth of Philip Berrigan – militant priest, Virginia, Minn
1924 – John Joe Barry, athlete who is known as ‘the Ballincurry Hare’, is born
1968 – Police clash with Derry civil rights marchers, giving birth to the civil rights organization People’s Democracy
2000 – With pressure growing on Trimble to withdraw from the Northern Ireland power sharing executive, parliamentary colleague William Thompson, the West Tyrone MP is quoted as saying ‘‘He is on the skids and he cannot survive’
2000 – In one of the largest operations in the history of the State, over 150 gardaí and officers from the FBI search a warehouse and distribution center. At the centre of the investigation is a Shannon based company that is alleged to have sold counterfeit aircraft parts to aircraft maintenance and repair facilities
2000 – Ireland’s ban on tobacco advertising stands despite the decision by the European Court of Justice to knock down an EU wide ban
2001 – Former NI First Minister David Trimble announces plans to go to the House of Lords after failing to overturn a ruling that his ban on Sinn Fein ministers attending cross-Border meetings is illegal
2001 – Ten thousand rail travellers are delayed when Dublin’s Heuston railway station closed because of a bomb alert

October 6
1175 – Under the Treaty of Windsor, concluded on this date, Rory O’Connor recognizes Henry as his overlord and agrees to collect tribute for him from all parts of Ireland. Henry agrees that O’Connor can be king of the areas not conquered by the Normans. But O’Connor cannot control the territories of which he is nominally king, and Henry and his barons annex further land without consulting him
1216 – The union of the diocese of Glendalough with that of Dublin, having been promulgated by Pope Innocent III last year, is confirmed by Pope Honorius III
1798 – Grattan removed from Irish Privy Council, falsely charged with being a sworn member of United Irishmen
1891 – Death of Charles Stewart Parnell, champion of tenants rights and co-founder of the Land League; often called the “Uncrowned King of Ireland”
1928 – Death of Galway man Pádraic Ó Conaire, who was among the first writers to develop a new modern literature in the Irish language
1948 – Birth of Gerry Adams
1970 – Opening of the arms trial involving Charles Haughey
1980 – Mella Carroll, first female judge in the Republic, is appointed
2000 – The High Court grant gardaí the right to detain Slobodan Milosevic if he sets foot in Ireland

October 7
1878 – Birth of Margaret (Gretta) Cousins, Irish women’s rights activist.
1910.- Premiere of Percy French’s play The Immigrant’s Letter
1919 – A cabinet committee is appointed to consider Irish self government
1935 – Birth of Thomas Kineally, Irish-Australian author of Schindler’s List which was originally called Schindler’s Ark
1968 – Death of Margaret Mary Pearse, Irish language educator
1998 – The Bank of Ireland announces an unprecedented 20-year fixed rate of 6·99% within the first of a wave of interest cuts that will bring Irish rates into line with Europe for the introduction of the euro on January 1
1999 – Ireland moves a step closer to raising the recruitment age of the armed forces from 16 to 18
2000 – The tenants of a Dublin inner city community refuse to leave their houses after been evicted. The tenants of 28 cottages – – almost all single mothers – block access to their homes when they go up for viewing to prospective buyers
2002 – Police in Northern Ireland are attacked with bottles and other missiles after a crowd of youths go on the rampage through Kilkeel, Co. Down
2002 – The peace process faces its gravest crisis with the announcement that Ian Paisley’s DUP two ministers will withdraw from the government
2002 – A man is shot and critically wounded in east Belfast in what is believed to be an escalation of a bitter feud between the Loyalist paramilitary groups, the UDA and UVF.