The current storm that’s brewing about the the Muslim veil has been blown out of all proportion. The debate was kicked off by the mutterings of Jack Straw. Jack Straw is an eejit as far as I’m concerned. He is not wrong in what he’s saying though.

The fall out is that now we hear of a female teacher’s assistant who has insisted on her right to wear a veil whilst teaching school kids. Just to add to the mix, a christian woman is taking action against BA because they won’t let her wear jewelry on top of her uniform. Normally that wouldn’t cause a stir but in this case it happens to be a cross. If it weren’t a cross, it seems, she would be glad to tuck it under her uniform.

What the whole debate needs is a dose of honesty. BA aren’t allowing the wearing of veils either. That has to be made clear to Christians shouting about “discrimination. It’s impractical to have people, dealing with clients, wearing a veil. It’s not going to happen and quite right too. The wearing of Turbans or bangles is allowed because it would be impractical to conceal them. They don’t infringe the uniform policy but having a cross dangling over the top of the uniform clearly does. There is also no reason why the cross can’t be worn underneath her clothing. She is being dishonest and deserves everything she gets.

As far as the veil is concerned. When practical, there is nothing to stop people from wearing the veil. Unfortunately, it is impractical to insist on wearing it when communication is a fundamental part of the job. I tell my kids not to cover their mouth when talking. A fine time I’d have trying to explain that Muslims are exempt from such requirements. Her argument about blind kids falls flat when you use the same logic with deaf kids.

When people decide that they wish to adopt a certain lifestyle, they should realise that their lifestyle choice may inhibit them from some careers and pastimes. Let’s be clear. The wearing of symbols of religious faith is nothing more than a lifestyle choice. Where practical, they should be accommodated. I wonder if they would be willing to accommodate a naturist in same manner they wish themselves to be? I don’t think so.