When Jeanette Findlay appeared on the radio 5 live breakfast show as secretary of the Celtic trust, she made some seemingly harmless comments regarding the appointment of John Reid as chairman of Celtic Football Club. Although Jeanette was on the show to talk about the negative aspects of installing Reid at a club such as Celtic, it quickly became apparent that Nicky Campbell didn’t want to talk about that. Instead he wanted to talk about Celtic Fans singing “pro terrorist songs”. Here’s a Realplayer presentation of the interview. Campbell asked her what concerns her the most, fans singing “pro terrorist” songs or the appointment of John Reid. Well obviously it’s the John Reid appointment you fucking prick that’s why she’s on the show. Instead of sidestepping the issue she addressed it head on and made some perfectly reasonable and rational comments. These are not pro terrorist songs. Celtic were founded as a charitable institution to help alleviate the poverty suffered by Irish immigrants in Glasgow and the west of Scotland. Naturally their support is drawn from descendants of those immigrants and some of them still identify with Ireland and the national question there. Who can have a problem with that? On the same day Alex Salmond conceded that sectarianism at football matches was a manifestation of a deeper problem with Scottish Society as a whole. Too bloody right Alex and another manifestation is the treatment being dished out to Jeanette Findlay. As sectarianism is institutionalsed in Scottish society why is it being tackled on the terraces? Seems like a waste of time and effort if you ask me. Why is Flower Scotland, a song about Scotland’s war of independence, acceptable and not songs about Ireland’s war of independence. Is there a hierarchy of independence struggles?

Although the reaction from the media and Celtic plc was predictable the reaction from so called Celtic supporters was sickening. I should liken it to the reaction of the slum ladies of Dublin to the men of Easter week when they pelted then with rotten vegetables. They should hang their heads in shame and take a good look at who they’ve climbed into bed with. “Follow follow”, the rangers supporters group with a loyalist/fascist agenda, have started an e-mail campaign to have Jeanette removed from her post at Glasgow Uni.

Now let us examine the credentials of John Reid. What does he bring to the club? As far as I can tell his only attribute is the fact he supports Celtic. Since when was that a requirement for the job. My mum supports Celtic as do I. Why would I think that that qualified me or my mum for the job?

Does he have any contacts or indeed experience, beyond watching the game, in the football world? Well he did have a predilection for womanising and chanting rebel songs at uni. He was known to have sexually harassed labour MP Dawn Primarolo in his earlier career at Westminster. He tried to woo her with the silver tongued chat up line… “I want to have sex with you, I want to Fuck you, you want it as well”. She wasn’t impressed. His drunken bullying did not stop there. Another victim was a janny at Westminster.

Scandal has never been a stranger to our gallant philanderer. After his son lost his Job as a lobbyist on account of his bragging about being the son of the secretary of state he decided to have his son’s wages paid by westminster. Reid was heavily censored for abusing his privileged position. He was caught on tape bullying party comrades to get their story right.

So what does Dermot Desmond see in this clown? Well John Reid’s experience of championing I.D cards makes him a fine business contact for Dermot Desmond. One of Desmond’s interests is a company called daon who are in the business of, you guessed it, I.D. cards. The daily telegraph wrote,

“The appointment of Mr Reid, 60, has been pushed for by Dermot Desmond, the Irish entrepreneur who is the largest shareholder in the club. Mr Reid might also become involved in the airport security company, Daon, which is backed by Mr Desmond. Sources said the financier is keen to get access to Mr Reid’s formidable contacts book, which includes people such as America’s head of Homeland Security, Michael Chertoff.”

That’s not everything. Oh no. After lobby gate, Reid was given the Six county portfolio. His first act of note was to suspend the stormant executive to bail out Trimble’s UUP. Sinn Fein offices were raided, republican homes accross the six counties were raided. Of course it all amounted to nothing and no charges were ever brought.

Then came the home office. His anti-imigration stance that he addopted is particulary hard to stomach for any right minded Celtic supporter. How some so called fans can stand by and allow this to transpire without a protest is beyond me. Even worse, the way they have joined in the chorus of abuse thrown at one of their own, Jeanette Findlay, is nothing short of shameful and the silence from the rest is nauseating.