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Much has been wrote about it but here is about the best and most authoritative account of what happened. It appeared on Guardian unlimited… (full text)

My dear friend and colleague, Gillian Gibbons, is the head of Key Stage One and teacher of Class 2X at Unity High School, Khartoum. Gillian joined the school in August, after a long and highly respected career as a teacher and local education authority Inspector in Liverpool, UK.

In late August, or early September of this year, Gillian came into possession of a teddy bear (a gift from a parent). An Early Years activity (designed to encourage, in particular, achievement in literacy skills) plays out around a class teddy. He does the rounds of the children, going home with them, just in case the child concerned writes a diary entry for the teddy about his visit to the child’s home. This was Gillian’s intention and it is in line with our whole school plan to raise literacy skills – a target especially pertinent as the overwhelming majority of our pupils are of English as Another Language (EAL) status.

In line with this, the first task was to give the teddy a name. Gillian wanted to call the bear “Faris” (in honour of my new son); now we all wish she had gone with this first idea – but, excellent teacher that she is, she chose instead to ask the children what they wanted to call the teddy.

The children voted and chose the name Muhammad. All but one of the children in her class are Muslims.

Gillian then wrote a letter to the parents of Class 2X explaining that the children had chosen the name Muhammad for their class teddy bear. Not one parent raised any objection. (my emphasise) Since late September, the teddy has been visiting many of the children of Class 2X’s homes. Three of the parents are teachers in the school.

We became aware of this issue a few weeks ago. We suggested to Gillian that it was inappropriate that the teddy bear was called Muhammad, as this might offend cultural sensibilities. The school issued a letter to parents to say that the teddy bear was tired of visiting so many homes and his friend (another stuffed toy called something entirely inoffensive) would be visiting instead. The Islamiyat department in our school was consulted and they suggested that this should resolve any potential problems.

However, on Sunday, the school was visited by officers of the Ministry of Education. Our school director, Robert Boulos, was interviewed at length by these officials. The government officers declared themselves unsatisfied with his responses.

The government men then asked to see and interview Gillian. Gillian gave exactly the same report of her actions. Again, the men from the ministry found this unacceptable and demanded that Gillian present herself at the police barracks.

On arrival at the police barracks, accompanied by the school principal, Gillian was interrogated for five hours. Gillian was then remanded to the cells.

Early yesterday morning I was informed that Gillian had been charged under the Sudanese penal code with blasphemously defaming the Prophet – an offence that is incredible serious here.

Having consulted with a number of religious Muslim people hereabouts, all are of the opinion that Gillian’s offence (if it may be described as such) was to inadvertently offend religious sensibilities by allowing the children to name the teddy bear with the same name as the Prophet. As this was not done maliciously, or with deliberate intent, they are puzzled about why Gillian has been detained.

All our parents, both Muslim and Coptic Christian, have stepped forward to offer their support; and the parents of Gillian’s class have gone on record to assert that they never had any objection to the name of the teddy bear. I reiterate, the vast majority of these parents are themselves Muslims…

I’ve been saddened by how people have failed to grasp that this lady done absolutely nothing wrong. She did not break any laws even in that islamofascist dominated country. Don’t take my word for it…

…But Adel Darwish, the political editor of The Middle East magazine, says that Muslim children – “like children everywhere” – give their pets the names of characters they liked, be it a religious figure, sports hero or pop singer.
“Millions of Muslim children in Muslim nations give their dolls, pets and teddies Muslim names of the Prophet and his mother, daughters and wives.”

So it is quite clear that allowing the kids to name the teddy Mohammed did not contravene any laws or customs in Sudan or any other country. So why all the fuss? Well people can be arseholes and some get a hard on for this kind of stuff. Muslim fundamentalists, like any other religious fundamentalists, love the chance to whip up a storm and they love more than the deity they supposedly worship, to be offended. They love playing the victim whilst wanking themselves into a frenzy about there own righteousness and overseeing the punishment of lesser mortals.

Cunts the lot of them and those on the left here on these islands who give credence to their bollox need their head looking at. They have tied themselves in knots worrying about offending the sensibilities of people who would rather believe in fairy tales than facing up to the realities of life. Anyone who does not condemn, unconditionally and outright, the actions of religious dogmatic fascists and instead, appease them, are complicit in the crimes against humanity that are perpetrated by these sadists.