Looks like they don’t have much confidence in themselves after hearing them bleat about having to actually play the games in the tournaments they hold dreams of winning. Does anyone remember Celtic being afforded the same luxuries the huns are demanding now when Celtic took us all on that memorable run to Seville in 2003. Does anyone remember tims greeting about the Bhoys from Seville having to play every game in all four tournaments they were in line for winning. The huns had already stolen the league cup and so we were left to our own devices to try and win the League championship, UEFA cup and Scottish cup. No one changed any league fixtures to help us on our journey to Seville. So why are the Scottish league been bending over backwards to help Rangers in their endeavours, first in the Champions league where they were beaten anyway — And what tough fixture was shifted to accommodate their woeful attempt at advancing in the champions league? That’s right, the match against the mighty Gretna. Remember this game was rescheduled before the sad death of Phill O’Donnel, that the RST tried to make out was used as an excuse to avoid playing Rangers for the new year derby. Now get this into you thick tiny minds you morons. The huns didn’t want to play the game either. The fact that one Saturday could not be given up by the spl for such an emergency was only compelled by the fact they allowed the Gretna game to be moved to help Rangers European aspirations. I tell you this for sure. Celtic would not even asked for a game to be rescheduled to help them prepare for a European tie. Apart from obviously moving the game on by one day to the Sunday if the the European game is in the midweek and having the previous weeks game remain on the Saturday, as is accorded every club playing in Europe.

After all was said and done in 2003, Celtic took it on the chin and Celtic fans looked forward with great optimism for the coming season. I remeber haveing won not one single trophy and our rivals snatching the treble when everyone in football knew that Celtic would have won at least the double if they had not the UEFA cup to play for. But I and many thousands of Celtic fans would not have swapped the memories of that glorious cup run and yes, even the defeat in Seville, for any one of the domestic trophies that year.

So why all the wailing and gnashing of teeth coming from Ibrox and the handwringinging at the SFA and the SPL? I have my own theries and the strongest one is the Rangers are too used to having their cake and eat it. They are too used to the SFA and the Scottish Football league –and now the SPL — bending over backwards to acomadate every Rangers whim. I know what your thinking, “more east end paranioa.” But it isn’t. I’m not suggesting a conspiracy, far from it. What I am saying is that individuals, acting alone, within the coridors of power of Scottish football have some partisan people in their midst. And yes Some of them even have a soft spot for Celtic. But the undoubted majority have either a soft spot for the huns, or are indeed outright huns, or hold both clubs in contempt but especially Celtic. The later is a very small minority as I have no doubt that both the huns and Celtic have benifited from some dodgy decisions against provincial clubs.

I have no problem with admitting that , but a conspricy? No. It’s simply comunalism. Looking out for your own. And there are more huns in Park gardens than there are tims. It’s as simple as that.

So rangers, stop fucking greeting about being the luckiest team to ever reach the final of a European tournament. Get on with playing your games in hand. Try and win the Scottish Cup and shut the fuck up while we pull up our deck chairs and watch you make an arse of it all. Starting tonight against Motherwell who will beat you. They will beat you because they are not looking for excuses before the game has been played, same goes for Dundee Utd. Mark my words huns. Your bottle has crashed.