But it was close and ‘Well deserved a point. Never mind. Scotland’s Shames have still to go to Fir Park and the will not be leaving with all 3 points, that’s for sure.

The Game against Dundee Utd only served to prove my point about individuals like Mike McCurry. Mike McCurry was caught red handed and should be given the red card for his despicable actions during the Scotland’s Shame v Utd game.

Craig Levein should be given a medal for saying what he said and yes, he should have taken his team off the park and refused to play. Mike McCurry should not referee another spl game ever again.

He [Levein] said, “The referee should have rang me up this morning and said don’t bother turning up'”

McCurry first gave a Nelson’s to a stonewall penalty and should have sent David weir off. Right enough David Weir wouldn’t have been there to deflect the ball into his own net. How that could possibly been called for offside by anyone in the stadium is beyond reason. It can not possibly be explained. Any other person who committed these blunders would have been sacked in this age of hire and fire. But McCurry is protected. Why? That’s the question that must be answered.

It doesn’t stop there either. Noel Hunt what deliberately punched by the fucking animal, Kirk Broadfoot, that’s a fucking loyalist name if ever I heard one. Was his great, great, grandfather a polis by any chance? I bet he shares the same great grandfather as that other loyalist prick McCurry.

I know 5 polis personally enough to know their day job. Yes, you’ve guessed it. 4 of that 5 are referees. Ok, 3 of them referee at junior and amateur level but you get my point. Is Mr McCurry a polis by any chance? It wouldn’t surprise me. (edit>it turns out he’s a baptist minister. You couldn’t make it up)

When those arseholes in the SPL carpet Levein, they should give him the red carpet treatment for picking up his award for manager of the month. It’s about time the other managers started complaining about this loyalist bastard McCurry.

Yes McCurry, I’m accusing you of being biased in favour of your beloved Rangers to the point it has become impossible to deny. So I dare you. Sue me.

Listen to Graig Levein

He never said anything wrong. That Eddie Thompson Dick tried to come out with the old OABATO (one’s as bad as the other) routine but he just made a dick of himself.

So if ever proof was needed about McCurry’s allegiances was needed, it wasn’t btw, there it is. Just google it and you can take your pick of those you want to sue. But you won’t because you know you will be proven in court as a cheat.

Fuck you McCurry, I hope die a long and painful death.

And there’s more. The huns continued with their racist abuse, this time directed at Noel Hunt.

From the Irish Sunday Mirror.

Irish soccer star Noel Hunt was the victim of racist chants by Rangers fans yesterday.
The Dundee United star was booed throughout his side’s Scottish Premier league clash at Ibrox Park.
Sick fans even chanted “The Famine is over, why don’t you go home” at the Waterford man.
Noel is the latest Irish star to become the victim of racist slurs at Ibrox
Roy Keane and Robbie Keane were also subjected to similar abuse and other Celtic stars even had potatoes thrown at them.
A source at yesterday’s game said Noel was aware of the chants but refused to make any complaint.
“Unfortunately there’s an element of this kind of behaviour and it’s disgusting.
“Noel knew beforehand that it was going to be tense and because of his nationality he might be in for some special treatment.
“But what was chanted at him was just way out of order,”

I wonder what will be said in the Scottish press about that? I wonder if Calton Radio will have anything to say about it. Or the loyalist/fascist RST

Epilogue It seems he’s not even fit for his day job link