Firstly, I would like to offer sincere condolences and heartfelt compassion to the victims and their families and friends. And lets not, as republicans, shrug it off as the RUC’s fault for deliberately ignoring reliable intelligence that it was going to happen that day. Yes they knew but that’s not the point, the RUC and British Special branch have been deliberately ignoring warnings for years. The point is, that members of the RIRA left a massive bomb in a car in Omagh Town Centre. I town were both traditions in the six counties lived side by side without the trouble seen elsewhere. That’s the bottom line. And republicans have to accept that if the bomb had not been planted then it wouldn’t have gone off.

There is an argument that the 40 minute warning was adequate and I would have to agree. But did they give proper instructions as to where should be cleared? I haven’t heard the tape of the call and don’t even know if there is any. If the warning was ambiguous then the fault lies again with the RIRA.

That’s the unpalatable truth.

The RUC too are not without blame. They knew it was going to happen and they did nothing about it. An RUC chief (I didn’t catch his name or see him because I was in the kitchen when he was talking) was on the beeb today saying that the bombing and massive death toll turned people away from the “terrorists”. Call me cynical but it seems then that the RUC had most to gain from that bomb going off.

It turned republican against republican. In Armagh republicans were openly fighting each other in the car park of a pub some time after. Bernadette Sands was said to have broken down in tears upon hearing the news and she, the wife of Micheal McKevvit, leader of the 32CSM. Republicans were in shock. I know I was and condemned it unequivocally.

In typical Irish tradition the family members are having two ceremonies to remember the victims because of the wording on the memorial. BBC LInk I think that’s very sad but I can’t blame relatives and friends feeling strongly about it.

BBC Video

All I have left to say on the subject is that I am glad that this kind of thing will not happen again in Ireland.

James Barker (12)

Fernando Blasco Baselga (12)

Geraldine Breslin (43)

Deborah Anne Cartwright (20)

Gareth Conway (18)

Breda Devine (20 months)

Oran Doherty (8)

Aidan Gallagher (21)

Esther Gibson (36)

Mary Grimes (65)

Olive Hawkes (60)

Julia Hughes (21)

Brenda Logue (17)

Anne McCombe (45, 49?)

Brian McCrory (54)

Samantha McFarland (17)

Seán McGrath (61)

Sean McLaughlin (12)

Jolene Marlow (17)

Avril Monaghan (30) and two unborn twins

Maura Monaghan (18 months)

Alan Radford (16, 17?)

Rocio Abad Ramos (23, 24?)

Elizabeth (Libby) Rush (57)

Veda Short (46, 56?)

Philomena Skelton (39)

Frederick White (60)

Bryan White (26, 27?)

Lorraine Wilson (15)