September 2008

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Mon the Hoops!!!!

Highlights. BBC match report Celtic Quick News Report

I never seen the full match and was forced to listen to it. Even that was interrupted so I can only really comment on the result and the Goals.

As I said in my previous entry, I was a bit worried about this fixture but it seems that the obvious faults with the side have been addressed… For the time being anyway.

Missing yet another penalty was not a good sign and the penalty we did score was not a penalty in my opinion. Not that Nakamura dived. He didn’t, I think he just stumbled under legitimate pressure from the defender. Samaras showed how a penalty should be taken, passing it firmly into the net. The keeper went the right way but he had hit it with controlled conviction, giving the keeper no chance.

Samaras is really blossoming now into a fantastic player. I’ll admit that I wasn’t sure about him but he’s really worked hard recently and that goal was something special.

Maloney’s reaction to his penalty miss was a good sign that he’s not going to let his head go down. On the other hand, Caldwell’s blundering when he went for the ball with both hands up was not a good sign. It looked like he had a fair game before that.

All in all, it was a decent result and we can relax a bit now and try and play some football in the League Cup tie tomorrow night against Livingstone. It’s at Celtic park on a Tuesday night, so a chance for us to play some decent football. There were definate signs of it at Kilmarnock, so hopefuly it will continue and we can string two decent performances together…

Match Report and Strachan’s media Conference

What the fuck is wrong with Celtic? No disrespect to Aalborg but Celtic should really have dealt easily with this team. Yes I know there are no easy games in Europe but come on tae fuck. That performance was a joke last night and there’s no use pointing fingers at any one player or even the manager. Everyone at the Club from the Chairman right through the team, manager and coaching staff should take their share of the blame. That includes the fans that didn’t show up, that normally show up, for the “big” games. £40 a pop for a ticket to watch that shite is beyond the beyond and there’s no wonder some fans didn’t show up but still, you’d think some of us would have been able to fill those seats. Celtic lacked something last night and they were unusually nervous on the ball. Far too many mistakes and a lack of composure in the final third. Too many passengers in the team. We simply can’t afford less that 100% commitment in a Euro match no matter the opposition. Bruce Rioch had the measure of WGS tactically and I could go on…

The only people connected to the club that deserve any sympathy, after last nights result and performance, are the fans that showed up and the lads and lassies that serve grub at the rip off counter.

Barry Robson’s penalty miss had all the elements of what was wrong with the team last night. Nervous but underestimating the task in hand at the same time. What made Barry think that he could just whack the ball down the middle again, hoping that the keeper hadn’t watched his last three penalty kicks? Even a dog would learn how to save one of his penalties. The keeper could have went for a pie and left a cardboard cut out and he would have saved the damn thing. And the ref probably wouldn’t have noticed the swap, judging by his observation/concentration abilities, displayed later on in second half, when he sent the wrong player off for a professional foul. The linesmen weren’t any better either, as demonstrated by chalking off Scott Brown’s perfectly good goal for off-side.

I overheard more than a couple of people last night saying that it wasn’t a complete disaster and that we didn’t need to win. Well I beg to differ. If they [Aalborg] pick up any more away points in this group then I will eat my hat. That means that we have basically given a 2 point start to both Man U and Villareal. It’s completely nullified the potential bonus that they drew with each other last night. We should be sitting two points clear at the top of the group. Our only chance is that we simply must go to Denmark and win. That’s something we’ve not been able to do ever, in I’ve lost count of how many attempts, since the Champions League was spawned by the European cup.

It’s not our only problem either, we go to Kilmarnock on Sunday facing the very real possibilty of dropping points due to a “Euro Hangover” and if people don’t believe me about the affect it can have on us, they need only look at our domestic results after playing in Europe in the past. Together with Killie’s 100% home record and our 75% away record, it spells trouble. The way killie are playing right now, they could probably have beaten Aalborg last night and I’m not being disrespectful to Aalborg.

Well that’s all I can be arsed saying on the matter. The postmortems will conducted on the various Celtic fora.

Link to BBC Panorama

Should be interesting…