Highlights. BBC match report Celtic Quick News Report

I never seen the full match and was forced to listen to it. Even that was interrupted so I can only really comment on the result and the Goals.

As I said in my previous entry, I was a bit worried about this fixture but it seems that the obvious faults with the side have been addressed… For the time being anyway.

Missing yet another penalty was not a good sign and the penalty we did score was not a penalty in my opinion. Not that Nakamura dived. He didn’t, I think he just stumbled under legitimate pressure from the defender. Samaras showed how a penalty should be taken, passing it firmly into the net. The keeper went the right way but he had hit it with controlled conviction, giving the keeper no chance.

Samaras is really blossoming now into a fantastic player. I’ll admit that I wasn’t sure about him but he’s really worked hard recently and that goal was something special.

Maloney’s reaction to his penalty miss was a good sign that he’s not going to let his head go down. On the other hand, Caldwell’s blundering when he went for the ball with both hands up was not a good sign. It looked like he had a fair game before that.

All in all, it was a decent result and we can relax a bit now and try and play some football in the League Cup tie tomorrow night against Livingstone. It’s at Celtic park on a Tuesday night, so a chance for us to play some decent football. There were definate signs of it at Kilmarnock, so hopefuly it will continue and we can string two decent performances together…