Hamburg again disgraced themselves before during and after the Celtic game at Hamburg in the Europa Cup match on Thursday. Hamburg are well-known for their fascist tendencies and maybe this will be a wake up call for the love-in Celtic supporters that run around Europe under the illusion that everyone loves them. The only reason hooligans refuse to take on the Celtic support head on is because they know they are severely outnumbered. I never seen any Hamburg fascists take on Celtic fans in the St Pauli district of Hamburg where they would have got a hiding they would not have forgotten in the hurry. Hamburg fans like to pick small groups of Celtic fans who have strayed from the meeting point in the mistaken believe that everyone loves them.

Well maybe they will take those ridiculous green white and gold (it should be orange by the way you dicks) hats and wake up. We shall see.

_46684397_hamburg_banner_posterHamburg fans unfurled a provocative banner ahead of kick-off in Germany

From BBC

Celtic fans have received praise for their behaviour in Germany for the Glasgow club’s 0-0 Europa League draw against Hamburg on Thursday.

Prior to kick-off, Hamburg fans unfurled a provocative banner, but no trouble ensued during the match.

A Strathclyde Police spokesperson said: “Both Strathclyde Police and the Hamburg Police were delighted with the behaviour of the Celtic supporters.

“There were no significant issues or concerns either within the city.”

Prior to the match, concerns were raised over potential trouble following reports of clashes between rival fans outside Celtic Park ahead of the first leg in October.

Both Strathclyde Police and the Hamburg Police were delighted with the behaviour of the Celtic supporters
Strathclyde Police statement

Hamburg coach Bruno Labbadia was also angry that his team were refused permission to greet their 2,500 fans following the 1-0 win Glasgow.

Labbadia remonstrated with police and stewards and his players sat down on the corner of the pitch.

At the Nordbank Arena on Thursday, Hamburg fans goaded the home support with banners and songs of the Glasgow club’s city rivals, Rangers.

Celtic chief executive Peter Bowel also praised the 6,000 fans who travelled to Germany to watch the match.

“In the face of a challenging and provocative atmosphere in the stadium, the Celtic support once again demonstrated fantastic positive backing for the club,” said Bowel.

You see, even when faced with immense provocation, Celtic fans are able to conduct themselves in a dignified, well-behaved manner and as great ambassadors for Scotland and it’s footballing followers. Scotland owes the Celtic support gratitude for the way they maintain the good name of Scottish football fans in the face of Scotland’s Shame FC’s fans behaviour throughout the world. Now I know that Scotland’s Shame fans are not all tossers but there is a significant proportion who are who give not only their fellow fans a bad name but they help tarnish the whole Scottish footballing fraternity with their vile behaviour. It is also important that Celtic, as well as ‘provincial’ clubs and the Edinburgh two keep themselves in order to try and offset the damage done by Scotland’s Shame.