Some passengers who take the decision to fly in the safety of planes leaving from Heathrow and Manchester airports will be required to go through a virtual body scan.  The Scan, women and gentlemen, does not show naked pictures of travellers going through the scan, they merely give a virtual scan of a naked body and by that I mean an outline. But arseholes are up in arms about it and now that they have lost the privacy argument on the grounds that shoe bombers do not have the right to privacy, they are trying the child indecency argument for young men and woman under the age of 18.

Sinon Davies, director of Privacy International, who have sworn to take legal action against the government, claiming that images of under 18s taken using the £80,000 machines breach child indecency laws.

The government appears, on a whim, to have determined in advance what is and what isn’t indecent, rather than (sic) let the courts decide. This whole policy just screams illegality, from it’s (sic) first to it’s (sic) last word.

So he tells us. Why then does he not wait until the courts do decide? Is it perhaps because the courts, after looking at the evidence, will throw the case in the wastepaper basket where it belongs. Not only is he advocating long haul travel on a whim but he plans to try to create a forest worth of paper work on a frivolous legal action. Children, adults, and law-abiding citizens are under no threat from theses scanning devices, the only people who need worry are drug smugglers, would be terrorists and people looking to take a few bags of smack, coke, hash or otherwise illegal substances on holiday with them or indeed back home from holiday. I have no sympathy for them.

Those who will benefit will be those who have metal plates or other surgical metallic implants or artificial limbs or joints. Wheelchair bound people will obviously benefit, all of them safe in the knowledge that  fucking idiots will find it harder to try to bring down a plane or peddle even more drugs  on our working class housing estates.