The Times On-line have finally picked up on what I’ve been going on about with regard to the FOI giving blanket protection to the Saxe-Coburg-Gotha family who rule as the royal family in Britain and the Commonwealth. At last some one else has taken notice though they have lifted the story from The Republic Magazine. Frank Roy MP, representing Blu Labour in the constituency of Motherwell and Wishaw thinks that members of the royal household can lobby ministers for increases in the civil list, planning applications and any other whim that takes his fancy without our scrutiny. Now if he was lobbying ministers about personal matters like any other private person, then he would be entitled to privacy but when he is lobbying ministers on government policies, we must be able to scrutinise who he is lobbying, how much of our money is he investing in bribes, and what public interest policies is he exactly lobbying for.

To have a blanket ban on all FOI requests gives him far too much power and lack of accountability for an unelected person. Frank Roy thinks he deserves the same right to privacy as the rest of us. Well he then should be subject to the same kind of scrutiny as the rest of us. Especially as we are paying for it.

It really is a no brainer. A child can see the logic of the argument, which means that we would be better off with a child representing any other organisation in Motherwell and Wishaw than Frankie representing Blu Labour in our constituency.

Frank Roy, one time chanter of rebel songs and supporter of the republican movement has managed to make the long but almost overnight journey to rabid Royalist. This cad is not in it to represent anyone’s interests but his own and anyone in Motherwell and Wishaw who votes for him should think carefully about what they are voting for. Whatever you do, don’t vote for the red Tories, and don’t be fooled by the new colourful tree-hugging Tories. They are even more like fascists than the Thatcherites.