Last November during the poppy silly season, a worker at Asda was made a scapegoat, harassed and even demanded that she be sacked by the mindless sheep that follow the Army recruitment campaign, that not only takes place in November, but all year round. I am glad to say that Asda did not succumb to the bully tactics employed by the faux outrage that the poppy gangsters display year in and year out.

Now all you reactionary fools have had your chance to vent your faux outrage at this non incident, perhaps Sarah Arrowsmith from Northamptonshire, Mike from Flint, Tony from Halifax, Sue from Bacup, Lancashire, Alec from York, Julie Seymour from long Buckby (to a lesser degree), Janine Barnes from Leigh, Jim from Glasgow, Paul from Ashton-under-Lyne, Tracy from County Durham, Ian Yarrow from Darlington, Julie Letten from Middlesbrough, Claire from Poole, and last but not least, the murderer, Warrant Officer Class 2 Mark Jones from Littleborough who so proudly served in the six counties, can apologise for jumping to premature conclusions. Maybe a handwritten letter to the employees in question apologizing for their disgusting comments. And maybe a letter of apology to the employee in question would not be out of order, even at this late stage.

Perhaps they will look at what they wrote and apply some of the comments to themselves. Lesson number 1096754839907 of living in Britain, don’t believe the shite you read in the Sun, or the Daily Mail for that matter and don’t act like sheep when you see people jump on the poppy bandwagon used cynically by this government to attract more fools to the slaughter in these neocolonialist wars of adventurism, these wars on democracy, these wars on innocent civilians, these wars to get our oil that somehow managed to get under the sands of foreign countries.

You’ve been named, hang you heads in shame. Well done ASDA for not bending to the will of reactionary idiots. I am now going to order my shopping online with you. I hope the customer in question has hay fever if she did indeed receive flowers. I should also hope that she be banned from ASDA. Let her live on poppies, Afghan ones at that.

I’m not surprised by the amount of people demanding the sacking of a worker in this country without any investigation or evidence of wrongdoing. I’m just disgusted. Fucking Idiots