This is the most important Westminster election since 1979. We do not want a repeat of that. For all that I despise the Labour party, Jack McConnell and Frank Roy in particular, we must not be fooled into voting the Tories by their scaremongering about a hung parliament. The more they argue against a hung parliament, the more I feel we need one. “A strong Government we need” they say. So they can attack countries who have the misfortune of having our oil beneath their sand? So they can take from the poor and give to the rich? So they continue Nu Labour’s policies but with more gusto and with more dire consequences? So they can expand Trident or worse, replace it with a more devastating and costly alternative. We don’t need the bloody things, a fool can see that.

But I don’t need to remind Scottish voters of what damage the Tories will do. It takes a lot to erase the memory of what that party done to Scotland and Ireland in the 80’s. People still remember Cromwell over 350 years later. They still remember The Butcher’s Apron that Marshal Wade and the Duke of Cumberland marched under as they butchered wounded Highlanders after the Battle of Culloden and then moved through the countryside murdering any Scot, young or old, who they believed had favoured the Jacobite cause.

Well apparently I do, The Unionists who think we should wrap ourselves in the Butcher’s Apron and be proud to be North Brits need reminding and those that follow and support them. Although I will be arguing that Scots vote SNP in the Westminster Election, I do so because I feel they offer the best opportunity to represent Scottish needs more than anyone else at this time.

Labour men tell us of the dangers of Nationalism. I know full well of the dangers. But Scottish Nationalism is not the same as British Nationalism, French Nationalism, German, American, Israeli or any other Nationalism that has its own nation. Nationalism without a nation is National Liberation. This article explains it better and has some great photos. Like Basque Nationalism, Corsican Nationalism and other Nationalist Freedom movements, Scottish Nationalism has a progressive socialist colour to it. I would like nothing better than a pan Celtic/British Isles Socialist Republic but it’s not going to happen. English people are different from us. They vote differently, they speak differently, they have a completely different culture to us. They have different needs and desires. Fair play to them and good luck to them. I have nothing against them and I don’t really believe they have anything against us. I am of course generalising here. But there is no way we are going to get social reform under a Westminster government, it is as simple as that. Devolution has shown that we can produce those social reforms through free care for the elderly, Free Prescriptions for all, though not yet implemented, it will be soon, we have at least reduced the cost of prescriptions and extended free prescriptions to those that need it most. This among many social improvements for Scots introduced by the current administration at Holyrood, despite being a minority government proves some very important points, mainly that we can run our own affairs far better than Westminster and that hung parliaments can work. Yes I feel it would have been better if the SNP had a clear majority but despite the fact they have had to compromise to get policies through, they have managed to do more for Scotland in less than one term than the Limp Dems and Labour managed in 13 years.

There is nothing to fear from Independence bur fear itself. Labour want you to be scared. They need your vote to stay in power. But what thanks will they give you? More Thatcherite policies, that’s what. Make no mistake, the Labour Party of 2010 bears no resemblance to the Party of Keir Hardie. The Labour party was a movement run from the grass-roots. Now it is run from the top down. Is there anyone out there that can deny that? They have become more  and  more like the Tories to such an extent that the Tories have no policies of their own, Labour has stolen them all. More importantly, they have stolen their Ideology and Identity.

The Tories are left to try to change their image to make them look more cuddly. More environment friendly. More palatable to middle England. That is where the battle ground is between these two chameleons. I beg the people of Scotland to let them battle it out. I beg those in  England to vote for the Lib Dems. Again it is only fear itself you have to be scared of.

As I have shown, the Labour Party members think nothing of brushing off their constituents with blatant lies. I found out Frank Roy, my own MWP (Member of Westminster Parliament) lying on record. I published the evidence in this very blog. I also noted that he would be proud to represent the Labour Party, rather than, I suppose than representing his constituents.

Lets not be naïve in Scotland either. Over the years since devolution we have become more savvy when it comes to tactical voting. I don’t believe for one minute that a vote for the SNP is a vote for Independence. It’s a vote for a better deal for Scotland in Westminster, that pit of snakes that needs another 20 SNP, Plaid Cymru, and Independents to shake those bastards up and force them to actually earn their wages.

Be Sensible, In Scotland Vote SNP, in England Vote Lib Dems. It will probably be the most important thing you do in your life. For generations to come, people will judge this generation for the choice we made this polling day. If we fail them like the “I’m all right Jack” mob did when they voted in that nasty bitch Thatcher, our kids will never forgive us. And rightly so.