The six counties ombudsman has temporarily pulled his report on the 1971 bombing of McGurks bar because he feels that he has not given the relatives a fair hearing. this is to be welcomed. Hopefully now he will give some consideration to the fact that the police did not fully investigate the bombing as it was their own agents and state assets that carried out the bombing with the full knowledge and approval of the crown forces.

Had the RUC investigated the bombing properly, then they would have discovered that it was in fact their own members (most of the b specials were members of the Orange Lodge,  the UVF and the UPV but it was by no means just the b specials, senior RUC members were also senior members of the UVF) and members of the occupying army who colluded to aid the UVF to carry out the bombing. It was too easy to blame the IRA, as the UVF intended, for they had carried out bombings for years, with the full knowledge of Ian Paisley and his UPV, for that purpose and to destabilise the Stormont Government. The UPV and the UVF had a large percentage of cross membership. It is infeasible that Paisley was not aware of these actions. By 1969, the IRA had not yet carried out an operation, much less a bombing since the border campaign had ended. They didn’t even have any arms to speak of.

So for the RUC to dismiss the McGurk bombing as an IRA bomb that went off by accident is nothing short of a blatant cover up perpetuated by the very people who were complicit in the crime.