It’s been a while to get me to write anything as I’ve been kept busy doing things offline. What has got me on the keyboard has been the recent shenanigans being conducted by the enemies of Democracy in the US State Dept. You see? I told you. The US is one step away from becoming a fascist state if it has in fact not already achieved that aim. Those who aim to make it a fascist state are the same people who stay in government posts no matter if it is the Democrat Wing or the Republican Wing of the American government that is in the White House. The neocon movement is still pushing America with only minor blips of a slowdown towards total fascism. This latest attack on democracy is just another symptom of that Ideology. The continuing pressure on companies to withdraw their services to Wiki-leaks in a futile bid to shut them up has backfired on those companies who thought that they just had to appease the new millennium fascists and they would be safe. No. They are not that yet powerful because this new breed of fascism is a creeping one. It is one that will try to sneak up on us by using our fears, by creating fears, creating bogey men and telling us all that they will protect them if we only do what they say. If we give up our liberties bit by bit, it will be OK because they will give us protection. The Homeland Security etc etc. They hope, and for the most part, in the US and middle England at least, they are dead on, that we will not even notice our civil liberties being eroded.

It’s actually a two-pronged attack. First you have the overt threats to our liberties that are successfully challenged, but while we backslap ourselves for defeating each overt attack on our freedom, they are manipulating us into a false sense of security. This allows the real erosion of our democracy and civil liberties to go un-noticed. I was amazed at how many people bought the Iraqi WMD bullshit. I think even Colin Powel was amazed, as he sat at the UN and fed those lies to the world, that the idiots were swallowing it all. The Iraqi guy at the UN burst out laughing at the so-called translation of two Iraqi officers having a conversation that was intercepted. The translation was that much of a joke along with the fake photos that the Iraqi’s did not believe the world would be so stupid to take that all in and belive any of the bullshit Powel was spurting out. I don’t think he even did. Did Saddam overestimate the inteligence of the average westerner. Didn’t he know that America is quite happy to keep it’s literacy levels at below 50% so that they can control them? I think he didn’t. I think he believed that common sense would prevail. Maybe the world didn’t buy Powell’s Jackanory, the US blackmailed, bribed, threatened and bullied to get their own way and yet still they did not get the legal authority to go to war with Iraq. No one did. This meant that every single soldier sent to Iraq to fight and who failed to refuse, was guilty of a war crime. Remember, ignorance is no excuse in the eyes of the law. And just obeying illegal orders is also no excuse. So the real weapon that the nu fascist movement is using is information. Yes of course propaganda has always been a part of politics both in peacetime and war. But this is different. This is the suppression of information that does not comply with the nu fascist ideology and the unchallenged propaganda that is so much more subtle than it has ever been. It has to be stopped and so far it is only Wiki-leaks and anonymous that are doing anything about it.

More power to them. The internet is everyone’s and it must stay that way. More on this later.