I watched the Celtic game last night at Fir Park and I am obviously not amused. Celtic were all over Motherwell but still managed to concede two goals that most people in the ground missed. The 1st came when most of the supporters were just settling down to watch the match. The 2nd came in the 2nd half when most people were just on their way back from the pie shop, in the bog or just settling down from their half time rituals.

Celtic will go and play Rangers and beat them but why the fucking hell can we not beat Motherwell. Is it because they so want to beat us like Rangers want to beat us and raise their game so. Though I’d say the best defender for Motherwell last night was Mr Norris. He broke down every Celtic attack with some unusual interpretations of the rules of the game. Though I’m not being fair to the best player on the park by a country mile, Randolph in the Motherwell goal. Maybe Celtic’s woeful finishing, not helped by the confidence being stuffed out of them by Mr Norris, might have made him look better than he actually was.

Celtic should have been 3 up at half time but for balls bouncing around the Motherwell penalty box like a pinball machine, finishing with the inevitable free kick for Motherwell. Motherwell put a great deal of effort into that game and did probably deserve to keep a point at Fir Park but there is no way anyone who knows anything about Football will say that simply trying to win means you deserve to win. You have to have more shots on goal, possession, territorial advantage and a better fucking team. Celtic had that in bucket-loads last night. Our only fault was once again being bullied off the ball. I don’t care what the ref does about it. If they try to boss you off the ball, do the fucking same back and then boss the ref if he wants to say anything about it. It’s about time we started standing up for ourselves on and off the park.