As you will see from the following video, Scotland’s Shame have once again tarnished the image of their club. Having said that, when you tarnish something so much and for so long, surely there must come a time when Rangers name can no longer be blackened any more. I mean is their reputation a sort of dark grey or is it blacker than a black hole. If it’s the latter as I believe, then they can only improve their reputation as it’s impossible to blacken it any more. But can they improve their reputation after all that tarnished history?

The Irrelevant Ian Paisley once called for republicans to were sack-cloths and ashes and parade up and down the Six Counties, no doubt by a route agreed by the parades commission. At the same time he made these comments, republicans were actually busying themselves dancing through hoops for the Brits, the Dupes, the Stoopes, the Contos the 32CSM, and various other people with a mouth or a blog and anti GFA republicans. So he would have Sinn Féin do the sackcloth and ashes act whilst dancing through all these hoops. At the end of the day no matter what hoops we danced through for the bigoted bastards, we were still Croppies and we were to know our place, lying down to the unionist threats. That’s another matter though but it is an example of the hoops we have to dance through to appease these bigots on both sides of the water.

More at home, Celtic have danced through hoops to get themselves separated from the so-called sectarianism that exists in Scottish Football. Let me make it clear again. It is not sectarianism that is the problem and it never has been. It is racism pure and simple. I’m not called a Fenian bastard, taig, bogwog, bogtrotter, tattie muncher or any number of derogative names supposedly for my religion but they are missing by miles for I have none. My crime is to born into an Irish Catholic family. It doesn’t matter if I’m 1st, 2nd which I am as it happens, 3rd, 4th or 5th generation Irish. It’s that I express my Scots Irish Identity through supporting Glasgow Celtic or indeed Hibs, supporting my home team but not joining in the singing of Orange songs, not keeping my head down but instead being comfortable with my identity which is both Irish and Scottish and being proud of both. If I express that in any way then I’m a plastic paddy according to the likes of James Traynor, Gerry McNee and a whole host of media commentators who should really think before they open the ignorant gobs or write their hateful bile. Why should they have the right to demand of me a reason for being proud of my Irish heritage? Should I not have a far more pertinent right to ask why they are so upset and obsessed by it.

Now to the video that’s got me going. It shows Rangers “Supporters” making fun of the death of Tommy Burns with a disgusting chant that will reverberate around the football grounds of Scotland wherever Celtic play. I hope I’m wrong and it’s just the racist scum from Follow Follow and the RST that get themselves into a habit of singing the chant. But may I remind Motherwell supporters that Celtic offered their hospitality and not just the club, but the fans, when Phil O’Donnell tragically died close to Tommy Burns’ death. Celtic Supporters joined in with Motherwell fans chanting Phil O’Donnell’s name. We never expected the Motherwell fans to chant Tommy Burns’ name. Why the hell should they? They were their to honour Uncle Phil. But remember, there was no segregation and only light banter between the supporters. I travelled into the game as is my usual want on the 267 from Motherwell to the Gallowgate and there were Motherwell supporters on the bus as well as Celtic and their was a sense of solidarity with our shared loss. This leads me to my point.

If Motherwell supporters especially, as well as the rest of the Supporters of all the other league teams, do not condemn the behaviour of the Rangers fans in this video, then they can all go and stick their different sides of the same coin, minted in Britain, up their fucking arses. They could fit bagfuls of the fucking things up there with their piles from sitting on that fence for so long. Or at least the real Motherwell fans can. The ones that don’t have the bus fare to Ibrox are known and they don’t care so are a lost cause.

If anyone says to me to my face that Celtic and Rangers are just as bad as each other, I shall patiently explain the racist nature of the Anti Irish abuse that Irish immigrants have had to endure from the establishment in Scotland that goes beyond institutionalised racism. I shall explain to him or her that the reason Rangers have enjoyed any success at all is because the establishment needed a team to beat these bogwogs or Scottish Protestantism would be made to look like fools in their OWN country. After Celtic won every competition they entered in 1967, including the European Cup. The need for a team to beat these uneducated Fenian bastards intensified and the pressure on Rangers to do just that became almost pitiful. Rangers had already been given the task to beat this mob. They were the establishment team in Scotland. They represented the protestant work ethic while that lot from the Gorbals and Garngad were the infidels and worse, soldiers of the Anti Christ. After explaining this and the more subtle racist attacks on the Irish community and those of Irish genes, the person still refuses to accept the facts, then I can only assume he’s a hun or closet hun. If he still tries to say that Celtic and Rangers are as bad as each other, then I can’t be held responsible for my actions.