I have lost count of the times the great unwashed have given rise to decent footy supporters supporting Celtic players and managers. Now even fellow supporters have become the victim of the great unwashed. Nothing new there right enough. I’ve lost count of the times when people have been attacked and even murdered in this institutionalised and establishment racist land of ours. Namely Alba – Scotland to the great unwashed.

Now they have sent pipe bombs to Neil Lennon, Trish Godman, and Paul McBride. Paul could wipe the floor with Donald Finley and I bet these Neanderthals would do good to enlist the services of Paul when and if they ever get brought before a court. There’s no doubt that they are Scottish and have had instructions on how to make the pipe bombs. They couldn’t even construct them properly as they were described by Strathclyde’s finest as “crude devices”. If the devices were sent from the six counties, although they wouldn’t have done any harm, they were just meant to be frighteners in an attempt to intimidate the recipients, they would not have been described as crude. They were described as “viable” so the instructions on how to assemble them have most likely come from Loyalist Paramilitaries.

Obviously the Celtic fans have shown that they are an exceptional band of family. Special mention must go to the Green Brigade as it is them that organise these shows of support. It’s a pity that the Celtic board don’t appreciate them for what they are. The Press too have to take their share of the blame over this. The Daily Express ran a story with absolutely no evidence to back it up. They told us that the Real IRA were using Celtic games as cover to recruit members in Scotland. Absolute bollox. The IRA of any hue would never undertake such an operation. They simply can’t trust British based members to keep their mouth shut. To be fair, they will recruit members for the 32CSM and the Contos have had a branch for some time in Glasgow. But there is no way they would involve them in military operations. On top of the that the Express put a picture of the Green Brigade banner being held by Celtic fans in a football ground in an obvious attempt to link the Green Brigade with the story. Nothing could be further from the truth. If the Daily Express has evidence for their story then let them show it. It is no coincidence that the pipe bomb attempt came only a matter of just over a week after the Express ran the story. So the Daily Express has colluded with criminals in attempt to harm decent Celtic personnel and prominent fans. They should hang themselves in shame and issue a public apology. We won’t hold our breath. But the rag, editor and reporter have opened themselves up to similar attacks.

Personally, I hope the attack hits its targets.